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17th-Apr-2014 10:04 pm - audio;
So I'm guessin' everybody got themselves back to normal? Nobody runnin' around gluing people to walls no more?

[Because he's fresh out of wall scrapers. Or something.]

Good news is, I got my altmode back.

[He pauses.]

Uh. Bad news is... kinda found out I wasn't affected no more... the hard way.

[Good job, Ironhide, what did you do.]
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11th-Apr-2014 07:09 pm - 03 \\ Video
[Guess who's looking better?

If you guessed one Titanium robot, you guessed right. But he's been feeling rather antsy, and hunting the Junkpile as often as he could but still coming up dry. Time to put a call out.]

So... anyone in this place know where there's a guitar? Acoustic'd be preferable, but in this situation I can't really be picky can I? If it's broken, or if you only found parts of one that's okay too... it's more than I've got, and it's not like I can't fix it myself if I needed to.

Any point in the right direction's appreciated.
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9th-Apr-2014 05:54 pm - video;

[ here you have all these people apologizing, but not Sora. he's showing off to the Link, looking as energetic as ever. ]


[ but then he stops, arms folding over his chest and it's almost like he's not even talking to anyone but himself. ]

Guess it really wasn't that bad. Sure, being sick sucked and all, but I think I was pretty well taken care of. He was a lot more worried than he let on though. You know, some of you robot guys are giant, yeah? Giant dorks, I think is better.

[ oops. guess he had been talking to the Link after all. ]

Think Knock Out's gonna have to drag me back after being stuck there for an entire month, though. Not going back until I have to!

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8th-Apr-2014 10:26 pm - 3rd Roundup [Video]
Well....I've looked everywhere I can ta find Rarity. She really is gone.

[There's a soft sigh as the pony paws at the ground with a foreleg.]

Does anypony know where I might be able ta try and grow somethings? I ran an apple farm back home and I'm good at makin' things grow. I'd like ta try and see what I can do here.
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8th-Apr-2014 07:07 pm - [Video]
[Someone's been avoiding the Link since the crystals situation righted itself--even as far as his levels of obnoxiousness go, he was embarrassed at how he acted. To the point of actually avoiding his friends It isn't until now that he's able to show his face to the Haven, losing almost all of that cocky attitude and replacing it with...guilt.]


I'm sorry or whatever. For all of that. Wasn't at my best, yeah?

Private to Gunmax )

Private to Ironhide )

Private to Kagerou )
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7th-Apr-2014 07:19 pm - [Video]
[Skyfire is still pretty embarrassed by this whole thing, so he'll keep it short and sweet.]

I would like to apologize for my recent behavior, first of all. Particularly for the wonderful first impressions with some of you.

More importantly, I still have plenty of things that don't belong to me and need to be returned. I'm not quite sure I remember what I took from where, so... if you are still missing instruments or tools, they're probably in my room.
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6th-Apr-2014 03:35 pm - [Video] Post Event
I . . . I want to apologize for everyone I interacted with over the past few weeks.  It was behavior unbecoming of a police officer.  I believe I was under the influence of . . . something.  [He's honestly not sure what, or how.]  It was not voluntary, but i-if . . . if anyone feels disciplinary action would be appropriate . . .

[He shakes himself a bit, engine running just a little harder than normal - despite the calm exterior, he's really upset about this.]

If anyone needs me, I'll . . .

I'll be in Alpha Trion's temple, in the libraries.


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6th-Apr-2014 03:00 pm - voice; dated to 4/7
I am painfully reminded why trips like last night are not worth it the following day... Why anyone thinks that is a way to really solve problems is beyond me.

[ voice sounds rough. likely going out with Kagerou had not been the best of ideas... who would have thought, right? no plans on leaving his room today. nope. ]

My processor feels like it is splitting apart... Apologies if I snap at anyone who knocks on that door.

Private to Kagerou )

Private to Blurr )
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Really startin' to hate green energon. [He grumbles as the feed comes on. Seriously, been nothing but trouble every time he encounters any.

He looks a little embarrassed, though, as he speaks to the feed itself.]

Uh, if I said anything mean or rude to ya during all that mess, I'm sorry. That definitely wasn't me talkin'.
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[Well that's an interesting get up Ravage is wearing. He's currently trying to get the cone collar off with his hind paws without much success.]

Halp! I don't wanna wear teh Cone of Shame anymore or teh lizard! I'm totes sorry for what I said! I promise I'm not Grumpy Cat anymore and it won't happen again!

[Someone please help the kitty. He's looking a little on the pathetic side.]
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[Wow, that is one seriously FRAGGED THE FUCK OFF-looking Seeker right there.  So fragged off, in fact, that it takes him a moment before he can even form coherent words.  When he finally does, they're short, sweet, and to the point.]

I will say this only once.

It. Never. Happened!

[He raises an arm, rifle leveled at his Link device.  Yes, he really is that mad.  But . . . he stops himself and just steps over to the thing, growling as he ends the transmission with a rough, almost violent gesture.  It'll be several more minutes . . . but then he sends a few private messages.]

[Locked to Ventus]

...thanks.  For . . . that . . .

[For not just putting up with him but trying to help]

[Locked to Ravage]

Are you all right?

[Locked to Megatron]

I'm willing to meet with you, if you still want me to, sir.  And . . . if I can ask you to let me speak before shooting me.

[Not that . . . he'd try to stop you if you still decided to.  >,>]

[Locked to The Spine]

You . . . took me seriously.  Have you honestly run across such nonsense before?

[Sorry . . . he just...REALLY had to ask.  Because seriously WTF DUDE?]

[and finally - Locked to Starscream]

You can let me out now.

[He appreciates it.  Really, he does.  But...]

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[It's probably around midnight or so when the post pops up. Or close enough to it that the effects of the red energon have finally worn off. He can touch things now. He's no longer a ghost.]

[And... still considerably unsettled and upset by recent events. Enough to make the following statement:]

I ... I want to learn how to be drunk.

[Because that seems like a great idea. It always worked for his role models around here, after all.]

Someone. Show me how. I'll be grateful.

[And that's all he says. He'll be at the bar, an unhappy pile of metal and wings. Waiting.]
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[The video flickers on and Ratchet appears on screen. In his hands were, well, a pair of hands. They were of a deep blue hue as well as yellow accents. But yes, just a pair of hands. The old bot looks tired, exhausted from all this.]

Been busy these past few weeks. If anyone needs any assistance with these effects from these strange energon deposits, please come by the Solarian medbay. I will see what I can do. I, myself, was affected by Red Energon, but, I believe my effects are wearing off by now.

[He soon lifts one of those hands up.]

Sentinel, your hands are ready. Whenever you have time, please come by.


If you could come by sometime today, there's something I'd like to show you.


[Ratchet was known to be a hermit, but with this energon nonsense, Ratchet had stayed indoors. It was about time he actually got out and about. Transforming into his alternate form, he raced down out of the Solarian Temple, and into the vast land of Haven.

It was nice to get out. To have a nice drive. Simple, and nothing strenuous.]
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[Hello there, Cybertron. It's been a bit too long since Blondie here last bombarded you all with questions, hasn't it? Well, fret not, for she has another, and this time... it has less to do with technical difficulties or new arrival syndrome and more to do with art withdrawals.]

So, I've been thinking. Paint --well, oil paint-- is basically just pigment and medium, so it really isn't hard to make. Sure, it takes a while to dry but... I'm kind of used to having a lot of color on my walls, and it feels gloomy living without them.

[Actually, the entire city could use more color in her opinion, but that's a bit rude to say aloud. Best to start off with her own living quarters.]

Does anyone know what I could use for pigment and quick-drying oil? Back on Earth, most of the ingredients were plant-based and well... that seems like a bad idea here.

[She doesn't want to raid the pantry and waste perfectly good food just for the sake of her art. That's just thoughtless and selfish, and she certainly wouldn't be able to bring herself to do that.

So, who wants to help little miss painter here make some art?

After the video, she quickly switches the feed so it's no longer public. Did she do it right? She hopes so. Well, here goes nothing.

Private to Starscream:]

I'm sorry I took so long to call, but people were acting funny for a while; I thought it would be best to wait until things calmed down. But um... I'm ready for that tour whenever you're free.
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2nd-Apr-2014 01:34 am - 001// Video
[Have one very impatient looking blue robot, peering at his surroundings with a slightly disgruntled frown. He'd listened to what the Acolytes had to say, but from the way he was scanning the area it was plain he was waiting for something.

At least until his nervous patience wore out and he was speaking up.]

Brother! Where is it you are being? This is being the worst of timing for hiding and seeking! I know you are having the better sense than running off when we are in this new place and not knowing where Mister Sentinel Prime Sir or any other bots are!


If this is being your idea of the funny thing you are being slower in the processor than I was thinking! I am giving you until the counting of ten to be getting out here before I am coming and finding you!

Ten... nine... eight...
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