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Why are you idiots surprised that the glyphs change? Most of you have been here long enough to see it happen on other bots or slag, yourself.

[See Blackarachnia. See Blackarachnia toying with a little spider like data pad that seems to be acting more like a cat seeing affection than an actual spider. What can she say? She has a way with things like this.  Her claws idly scratch the data pad thing before actually turning it into a data pad to read some test results from one of her more recent experiments.

Strangely enough, she's angling her self in a way that her own glyph isn't seen. There are things that Blackarachnia's just not willing to share right now and that's one of them.]

So do me a favor, listen to the bots that are willing to tell you idiots what's going on and stop freaking out over the network. It's annoying and distracting to those of us that actually have work to do.


Out of the bots volunteering information, I'd talk to Bulkhead first. The blue moron is just too dense to be reliable.

[She spares the feed one more glance before rolling her red optics and just switching it off. See? She was trying to be somewhat helpful.]

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We need to talk.
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Locked forever

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Maybe it's better if we discuss it in person? [He wants to see her reactions after all. And he wants to bring one of the firelizard with cameras with him, he's still slightly paranoid after what happeend with Shockwave.]

If you don't mind? It's important.
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Then I'm coming, thank you.

[Hope for the best prepare for the worst, uh?

Blurr cuts off the comunication and fives minutes later he's knocking at her door.]
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Re: >action

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[Blurr comes with an acolyte of his own, mostly because he can't convince the guy to leave him alone and he feels bad if he runs away from him. The acolyte tries to keep up with him and Blurr had to get back and help him when he passed out from the exhaustion.]

About work, really. [He gives him a brief smile.] I wanted to ask you a few things just so I can put some light on a problem I have. When was the last time you saw sentinel?
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[He did. And Blurr's now wondering what she can do. He can stop time like Vector and he's sure her gift must be just as special.]

The one and only. He claims to have seen you recently. [And Sentinel might be a dick but Blurrr knew him longuer than he has known Blackarachnia.]

I don't have time for games, Blackarachnia. Things are complicated already and I'm trying to make this easy for everyone involved so tell me the truth. When was the last time you saw him and what happened?
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Re: >action

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[Yes, invisibility is one of those special things according to his books.]

Who's life isn't complicated, I wonder.

[Blurr listened in silence. He was not so surprised to discover that Sentinel tried to stop on her as he was to discover that she was 'scared'.

Scared and Blackrachnia just didnt go together in a sentence.]

He said you attacked him without reason and that you were the one who broke into his room. To clarify things, wha if we all have a talk together and figure everything out?

[He was polite enoguh to word that as a question.]

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[if crystals were involved that makes more sense.]

Yes, I am aware of that. But you and me know perfectly well that size isn't all that matters. [He gives her a grin but get's back to being serious a second later.]

A question for the ages, no doubt.

[He's willing to aknowledge that she might be, and Blurr'salso aware that he only has Sentinel's word right now.] This is why I want you two to meet and talk, I'm sure it was all just an unfortunate misunderstanding. What about tomorrow afternoon?
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[So true. If only more people realized that, uh? But it's always fun to surprise them.]

Not liking someone doesn't mean that you can't approach them for a reason or the other. Did I ever tell you about that time when Megatronus tried to step on me? Funny times.

[Entertainment for everyone expect fast bot here, though.]

Maybe, maybe not. The sooner we discover it the better.

[He nods and gives her another brief smile.] It's set then. [Then he looks over the acolyte.] Did you name him already?
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Hm...okay, okay.

[BA, no. Das bad.]

Me neither. I know others did but it seems a bit wrong to me. I asked him what's his name but he never answers.
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True at that. I've been thinking about repainting mine. That way I will be able to tell him apart when he's with other acolytes.

[Now that's not very nice and probably something Liege woudl be proud of.]
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I think I'll give my the same colors as Vector's glyph, it makes sense and will help us to tell them apart.

[fair point. He should know better when it comes to those aligned to Liege.]
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Green as a paintjob is a hit or miss, it looks good on Bulkhead, but I know what you meant.

Oh well, it's been a lovely talk but I need to go. See you soon, Blackarachnia.
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[He nods and gesture at his acolyte to follow him.] Goobye.