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[You know what Haven needs more of? Gunmax covered head to toe in rainbow glitter. It's like the thing you never knew you wanted until right now.

Gunmax doesn't seem too thrilled about it, though. Impressed, maybe, but not thrilled. He just frowns for a moment, glances of camera at something to frown some more, huffs indignantly (totally blowing glitter from his vents in the process), and then faces the camera again.]

Just a little public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood bike cop.

Blurr. Sucks. Blurr sucks like a black hole filled with vacuum cleaners.

That's all.

[And end.]
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[Video] 1/2

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[Just . . . this face . . . ]
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[Video] 2/2 Pretend this is a facepalm. Which I need a real one, seriously.

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Gunmax . . . what did you do?
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I'm having a hell of a time tagging this with a straight face. XD

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. . . yes.


[That's an admonishing tone right there, son. Mild, but there.]
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. . .

[So much sighing.]

I see. I take it Blurr discovered the prank and re-rigged it for you?

Get that cleaned up, then why don't we head out on a patrol.

[Because clearly you need someone help you find something constructive to do you with your time, little brother.]

((ooc: "out on patrol" - L-LOL FOR REALZ THIS TIME. 9,9))
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[It's okay, bro. He knows your heart.]

Good. Let me know when you're done, and I'll send you my coordinates to meet me at.

[Yep. Mebbe it'll learn ya! Though, admittedly...probably not.]
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. . .

[Okay, he's not truly capable of cruel. He sighs.]

No . . . no, I'll be there shortly, Gunmax.

[a small grin]

Although I'll say you owe me. That looks like a heck of a mess.
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Just no more pranks, all right?

  [Said with a fond grin.]

  Deckard out.

  [As promised, he's on his way.]

  ((ooc: Jump to the scouting log?  I'll put that up…uh…if I can get it done this evening, great.  Otherwise probably not till Friday or this weekend.))