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Third Web | Video

Great, so we've gone from sci-fi to horror in less than a week. Pretty sure this is not what anyone had in mind when they wished to be a Hollywood star, but whatever.

[Spidey's costume is looking a bit worse for wear, with tears and claw marks plainly visible in the red and blue suit, but the number of injuries underneath appear to be minimal. A few blood stains in one or two places, but he actually looks relatively unharmed. Physically, anyway. Mentally, well, he doubts he'll be getting a good night's sleep for months.

He's broadcasting from somewhere in the junk pile, and slowly turning the comm from side to side in the process, like he's using the camera lens to look for something. He's still careful to always remain in the frame of course, but it's apparent he's not really concerned about sharing an update on his condition.]

But uh, one thing that definitely bears mentioning. The things we're dealing with right now? It so gets worse. At least one of our new playmates is a little shy, and likes to go invisible. Or, close to it, anyway. I'm trying to deal with them before they get near anywhere populated, but it's kind of tricky. So far, the best tactic's been pretending I don't notice them, and dealing with them when they finally attack.

[The camera stops panning once he spots...well, something. It looks like the air's somehow blurry in one location, and careful examination would reveal an almost human-like blur in the landscape, one that's moving. Closer.]

Yeah. Those guys. And no, I do not recommend trying to deal with them yourself unless you're about thirty feet tall and half car. I just wanted to show you guys how to look for them, so you know to get as far away as possible if you ever spot one. Also, they do this really obnoxious 'heavy-breathing' thing, but if you can hear that, you're already way too cl--

[Whoops, time to move! Spidey webs his comm to a nearby object in the junk pile as the bloodsucker de-cloaks and attacks, though considering he jumped out of the way in time, all it gets is a claw full of air. And possibly network celebrity status, in all it's ugly, ugly glory. He'll be nice and get that out of everyone's sight quick enough though, as he's fired a pair of web lines into the creature's back even while still landing behind it, then quickly swings it into a nearby pile with a loud crash and an explosion of debris.]

Like I said, taking care of these things as best I can, but figured I should warn the rest of you guys. I've got kind of a 'sense' about stuff like this, so I figure I'd be the one better suited to the risk-taking. Makes it hard for them to creep up on me even when they're invisible, but they do get lucky every once in a while.

[Aaaand that loud roar confirms that his playmate for the day isn't quite out of the game just yet. And all Spidey can do is let out a frustrated sigh.]

Right, almost forgot. They're also really hard to put down. Stay safe guys, and give me a holler if you spot any of these things skulking around the city. I'll take care of them as soon as possible!

[With that, he cuts the feed, if only to have his hands free to continue dealing with his charming Bloodsucker friend.]
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At least Spidey seems to be a very capable fighter, though it doesn't ease her nerves any.]

You be careful too, okay? And... and if your injuries get any worse, please stop by the medbay. I can heal you. And then you can get back out there and keep on fighting.

[Maybe she didn't have the best first impression of Spider-Man, but he's doing his damnedest to keep everyone safe. The least she can do is do her part to make sure he stays at the top of his game.]
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I'm half car but not that tall. But I have swords?

[So...what are his odds?]

You need a partner?
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Oh. Well. I mean, that's new.

[Don't try wit on this robot.]

Good thinking. I should keep an optic on where the organics tend to congregate.

uh. Where is that?
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Ey, wait!

...[Too late. Well he still leaves a message.]

Thanks for telling us about them, we will be even more cautious. You shouldn't be out there in the junkpile, though, I know you can fight, that much is obvious, but the radiation levels are increasing and as fas as I know spiders are organics.
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[Lots of it.]

I thought so. Should you be talking to me while you are in the middle of a fight?