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Breakdown ([personal profile] patchjob) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment 2014-07-11 05:25 pm (UTC)

Re: I'll edit this if needed.

The tell-tale screeching of an all-too-familiar missile flying through the air would be enough to let Bulkhead know he wasn't alone. And definitely wasn't in good company. At the very least though, it was useful company, and someone who actually felt like being helpful at the moment.

More or less, anyway. The missile's main target was a doorway to the plant that Breakdown felt was better off closed than open, especially since they could just break through again later if they wanted inside. A few of the zombified stalkers being drawn through thanks to the racket Bulkhead was making were promptly buried under falling debris, or taken care of by the resulting explosion. As for the ones already outside, well...they had bigger problems.

Breakdown was already gunning his way toward Bulkhead in his alt-mode, pancaking several of the mutants and monsters along the way, with still more finding a permanent place on his grill as the armored truck plowed through the battlefield. At least they were thrown free when he transformed at speed, and still more were swatted away as he swung one massive hammer across the ground while he shifted to his Cybertronian form. One or two might even currently be flying at Bulkhead's chassis, but hey, not like a few squishy organics would do much besides ruin the paint.

"Bulkheeead! I'm offended! Throwin' a party without me like this! Fella might get the idea you don't like him!"

Surprise! Radioactive nightmares do not necessarily guarantee Breakdown's going to behave himself around Bulkhead. Or anyone not a Decepticon, really. Still, any unease generated by his arrival- or the subsequent blasts of plasma from his shoulder-mounted cannon streaking off in Bulkhead's direction- should hopefully be assuaged by the fact they did indeed hit their marks. Which, as a point of fact, did not include Bulkhead. Just the hostile organics that had previously been running toward him.

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