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☼ Wing ☼ ([personal profile] winged_knight) wrote in [community profile] re_alignment 2014-07-21 12:39 am (UTC)

Living in the wastelands had certainly upped their tolerances of a lot of things. Detecting structural weaknesses though? Not a skill that flourished out there. Wing lets out a distressed noise--half shriek mingled with Drift's name--as the floor gives way beneath them. He springs off the falling decking, reaching for Drift but his fingers only scrape uselessly against a pauldron as the other swordmech goes down.

He coughs, sealing his vents to the cloud of sickening dust that rises, hands waving to clear his view so he can get a visual. The hole is deep and dark beyond the dust cloud, and and his jump jets not helping the matter. Wing almost dives in anyway, but then he hears Drift's voice float up from below.

"Drift?!" he shouts, straining to make out the sounds from below. "Are you okay?" Wing turns back the way they came--he knows they weren't the only ones who entered the plant--and shouts down the corridor in the bright but slim hope that someone might hear him. "Could use some help down here, anybody!?"

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