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The Zone: Part Two

Thanks to the distraction caused by the various creatures and anomalies, and the interference from the ever-increasing radiation, pinpointing the fallen 'meteor' and likely source of the attacks may have been difficult up until now.

But efforts to locate it have paid off.

South-west of Haven, there is a ridged valley that did not exist a week ago. In it's center is a massive, sprawling power plant, exhaust towers rising up to the horizon. It is literally crawling with more mutants.

As if that was not ominous enough, it is a nuclear power-plant.

Anyone who has been to Earth or knows their human history - or happen to be from a Tyran universe - may recognize it for what it is: Chernobyl, straight out of some alternate Ukraine. The facility is tucked in the middle of the valley like it landed there, edges slightly off and melded into the landscape, but entirely intact in it's crumbling, ominous glory. Despite being of human-make, the building is devoid of functional electric lights, the very air around it seeming to leech the light out of the surroundings, but it is far from lacking in 'living' activity.

The concentration of anomalies, radiation, and Lambda-like energy signatures is at it's strongest here, surrounding the moldering facility. Any sensors point to the readings only getting worse on the inside.

Any organics or particularly weak-armored Cybertronians are going to want protective shielding of some variety to participate in this attack. The radiation in this valley is well beyond safe levels, and only on the rise. Any attempts to simply attack from the air (unfortunately) do little damage, the majority of any ordnance hitting some sort of storm cloud-like anomaly thundering with increasing intensity above the facility.

It looks like it might be growing. Time is running out.

You will have to enter to find the source.

[[Mod Note: Given modly time constraints, the following prompts are not intended to be NPC'd, but are instead to serve as a vague story-line for the assault. Feel free to use them, pick and chose only ones that interest you, or to thread your own attack as you please! However, once the Source is reached, a final prompt will be posted when it is destroyed, (or when the event comes to a close a week from today.)

And as a side-note, this plot contains SPOILERS to the end of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series.]]

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[personal profile] notyourblueangel 2014-07-08 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
Frankly? Thundercracker's not waiting for reinforcements. He may not be a Decepticon anymore, per se, but he's still an aerial elite combatant, and it's been too slagging long since he's seen any proper action.

The blue Seeker sweeps in low over the complex, unleashing a controlled sonic BOOM! that rattles the power plant's foundation and flattens most if not all of the surrounding zombies, disorienting them at the very least. He doesn't give them time to recover, either, banking sharply back around for a strafing run with his twin rifles.

There's a barrage of choice words in Cybertronian as his bullets bounce harmlessly off a shield of some kind. Well, that answers the question of the other energy signature he was reading.

He's not worried about how much attention he draws. Stealth is not his greatest ally (especially not with his special mod), and those shambling corpses can't do anything to him anyway.
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[personal profile] skylynx 2014-07-10 12:12 am (UTC)(link)
Thundercracker isn't alone in his aerial assault. Soon there's a high pitched screeching noise. Not more jet engines, but from the massive Predacon diving toward the zombies.

Skylynx keeps his wings partially folded as he dives, like a predatory bird from Earth, then flicks out his wings as he swoops over the clusters. He gives another screech of anger, before he's unleashing his fire on them. Hot enough to probably sear them to ash, if it reaches them.

He gives a rumble as he beats his wings, and climbs higher once again. Banking some as he does so, to come back around again for another try.
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[personal profile] notyourblueangel 2014-07-13 11:00 pm (UTC)(link)
"Skylynx!" Good! Put that big, clumsy bird to good use! (That's Decepticon for thinking fondly of someone.) He banks out of the way as the Predacon swoops in for his attack, then opens a comm. ::Skylynx, we have to get that shield down first. Are you scanning anything that might be generating it?:: He himself isn't, but the Predacon might have different scanners than he does.
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[personal profile] the_other_green_seeker 2014-07-11 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
Jadewing agrees with Thundercracker; it had been too slagging long. He swoops in to join Thundercracker, just in time to hear the barrage of Cybertronian cursing and see what precipitated it.

He opens up a comm channel for easier communications. "Seems like this won't be quite as much of a petro-rabbit shoot as we thought," he said. "Any ideas?"
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[personal profile] notyourblueangel 2014-07-13 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
"Jadewing, what took you?" He's teasing, of course. Without even thinking about it, he shifts his trajectory to fall in line with his fellow Seeker. "We have to get that shield down first. Are you scanning anything that might be generating it?" He himself isn't, but the much younger Seeker might have different scanners than he does.
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[personal profile] the_other_green_seeker 2014-07-16 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
"Near as I can tell," Jadewing replied as Thundrecracker fell in with him, "it's being generated somewhere within the core of the structure. Readings might be a bit off, though, with all this radiation in the air. Whatever this thing is, it's hotter than a smelting pool and getting more so."

"Gonna be tricky shutting it down without getting our circuits fried in the process..."
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[personal profile] neverputincharge 2014-07-09 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)
"Fire in the hole!"

There's several seconds as a genade lands within in a cluster of zombies. The lights blinking as they rapidly tick down. And then BOOM, there's the blue energon glow as the explosion takes out several groups of zombies at once. The ones that didn't die are probably alert now. Or as alert as zombies can be.

Undettered by the monsters, or the radiation, Bulkhead's racing in not too lompng after the area clears after the explosion. While he has his built in weapons and the canon he got from Magnus, he's left his hammer back at the temple. Safely locked away, this really wasn't the place for it.

"Bring it on!" He transforms one of his hands into his wrecking ball as he charges at the monsters, attacking those that come at him.
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Re: I'll edit this if needed.

[personal profile] patchjob 2014-07-11 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
The tell-tale screeching of an all-too-familiar missile flying through the air would be enough to let Bulkhead know he wasn't alone. And definitely wasn't in good company. At the very least though, it was useful company, and someone who actually felt like being helpful at the moment.

More or less, anyway. The missile's main target was a doorway to the plant that Breakdown felt was better off closed than open, especially since they could just break through again later if they wanted inside. A few of the zombified stalkers being drawn through thanks to the racket Bulkhead was making were promptly buried under falling debris, or taken care of by the resulting explosion. As for the ones already outside, well...they had bigger problems.

Breakdown was already gunning his way toward Bulkhead in his alt-mode, pancaking several of the mutants and monsters along the way, with still more finding a permanent place on his grill as the armored truck plowed through the battlefield. At least they were thrown free when he transformed at speed, and still more were swatted away as he swung one massive hammer across the ground while he shifted to his Cybertronian form. One or two might even currently be flying at Bulkhead's chassis, but hey, not like a few squishy organics would do much besides ruin the paint.

"Bulkheeead! I'm offended! Throwin' a party without me like this! Fella might get the idea you don't like him!"

Surprise! Radioactive nightmares do not necessarily guarantee Breakdown's going to behave himself around Bulkhead. Or anyone not a Decepticon, really. Still, any unease generated by his arrival- or the subsequent blasts of plasma from his shoulder-mounted cannon streaking off in Bulkhead's direction- should hopefully be assuaged by the fact they did indeed hit their marks. Which, as a point of fact, did not include Bulkhead. Just the hostile organics that had previously been running toward him.
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[personal profile] neverputincharge 2014-07-12 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Dire circumstances can make for unlikely allies, and this couldn't get more unlikely for Bulkhead if it tried. He hears the screeching of the rocket, and on instinct moves to dodge it. At leadt until he realizes it's not headed for him.


He's not preffered company, but in this circumstance he'll take it. He'll keep a wary eye on him, though. Old habits die hard, even if for him their rivalry had been over, when Breakdown was apparently killed by MECH back home. He raises his wrecking ball to deflect away most of the squishy organic pieces. Nah, it's nothing that won't wash off in the washracks afterward.

"Figured I'd do ya a favor. Soften them up for ya." Yeah, that's totally what he was doing. Breakdown didn't need to know this was his first major fight in over six months. His last bring when they took down Tarn, wasn't long after it thst he'd promised Wheeljack he'd stay off the front lines if he could.

But these circumstances changed it for the moment. This was affecting all of Haven. But Breakdown's taking out zombies, and Bulk's quick to swing back into it.

"Didn't think I'd see you out here."
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[personal profile] patchjob 2014-07-31 04:19 pm (UTC)(link)
"Riiight. Why'd I be anywhere near a scrap?"

The annoying creatures firing up at them aren't doing terribly much to Breakdown's armor, if only because they're not quite as well armed as those MECH insects had been. Still, it's annoying, which is why that sledgehammer's getting brought down on anything in the vicinity, sending several of the irradiated soldiers flying, and slightly fewer just getting pasted on the field.

"Beginnin' to think that wrecking ball's the smartest part on ya, Bulk. If you're that surprised by this little reunion."

His immediate area's clear, which means he's going to do the next best thing after smashing 'em to bits with his hammer: the shoulder-mounted cannon goes live, and he starts aiming for any irradiates clustered too close together so he can start taking down targets at range. The hammer's staying out of course- just in case a few get through. Or if Bulkhead gets any ideas about settling scores...then again, even Breakdown had to admit he'd probably be the first to leap at the opportunity...