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[Audio with an exterior video feed]

[The roar of turbines can be heard in the very near background of a video feed that shows wastelands rushing by some distance below.  Thundercracker's voice speaks over the noise.]

All right, everyone, listen up!  Pretty sure I've found something, and I'll be a half-slagged Empty if it's not the cause of what's going on.

[A ridged valley comes into view, one that no one will recognize.  Thundercracker slows some, banking sharply to keep the new complex at its center in view as he circles it.]

This is southwest of Haven.  Radiation's highest here than anywhere else to date.  And if I have to spell out what I think of the party down there, you're best to stick to the temples.  I'm reading some other kind of energy too, aside from the radiation.  I don't recognize it.

So . . . who's up for some target practice?

((ooc: Everyone's welcome to tag on the plot post or start our own posts.  I'm just going to start a thread with TC for any fliers who want to bombard the CNPP.  >D  Maybe we can provide cover for a ground assault?  Distract a majority of the zombies to one side at least, even if we can't get through the shield.))

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Any chance you've been able to learn anything else? I mean, if that's what's behind our problems out here, it might be worth taking it out.

Which would mean the rest of us would have some planning to do. Because if that's what I think it is, just shooting at it's a lousy idea. And so's getting too close.

I'd need to know more about Cybertronian biology to know whether or not it's a problem, but I know if you crank up the radiation enough, electronics start to fail. And since you guys seem to be more like machines than organic life at first glance, that could be...well, bad.

[Okay, sure, he's letting Science Geek Peter Parker slip into the Spider-Man persona a bit here, but considering there's a chance lives are at stake, he's more than willing to take that risk.]
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Because that looks like a nuclear power plant.

If it's online, 'shooting the slag out' of it would lead to a catastrophic meltdown, and if it's not, the resulting collapse and explosions are just going to throw out more radiation over the entire area.

So, really bad idea. Especially since us organics don't really have any natural defenses against radiation. We just get sick and die.
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I'm pretty sure that wasn't there before so it's no surprise this new thing is the cause of our problems.

Hm. Count me in.
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Count me in too. Just tell me when and where you need me.
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Re: [video]

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[He smirked at that.]

Acknowledged. On my way.

[And he suited actions to words, heading outside and transforming, heading for the coordinates Thundercracker provided.]
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That...looks like that human power plant that blew up. Or part of it blew up.

Uh....Chernobyl? Yeah, Chernobyl.
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Yeah, I'll get right on that. [He jokes back, before turning serious himself.]

All I know is if we attack that plant, we need to be fragging careful. That's a neuclear power plant. It's what's given off the radiation. And the radiation inside's likely to be worse. The explosion from what I heard sent radiation into the air, killin' thousands of humans, plants and animals. They enclosed the area that exploded to try and stop more leaking.

Yeah, we need to get inside. See what's causing this. Cause I never heard of it makin' the creatures we've seen.

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Will do, you becareful too, TC.