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I leave for a short time, and I come back to this?

[Megatron may have taken what he considers a 'short' sojourn out to the badlands to scout for Megatronus Prime--one of the few things he manages to agree with his Firstforged about. Granted, 'short' was almost two months, and 'sojourn' was more like 'grueling death march,' but he cant say he regrets it.]

[So now...coming back to what looks like a battleground?]

Is there anyone who cares to fill me in on what I missed?
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You are alive? That's soem interestign news.

Welcome home, every-thing's a mess again. Blame the lambda, it's fault that everything is radiative now. That giant nuclear plant that appeared out of nowhere might have something to do to it too.
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omg I can't type at 4 am. Sorry for the grammar mistakes

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Some things in life are unpredictable. More so here.

[Aye. not so much than before but there is still tons of it.]

we can. And went it comes to survive I'm a master at it. You had any doubts? Maybe you should come to the meday to say hello in person. And so I can give you a check up.
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More monsters attacking Haven is what happened.

[She's been pretty much stuck at the Hub thanks to all the radiation though]
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These monsters were not like the ones that came from the Badlands. Some of them looked like they were once human.

[She gives a small sigh.]

I believe so. Unfortunately, due to something called radiation, I was stuck inside the Hub during the height of all of this.
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Lambda decided to throw radiation, weird zombie monsters, and dragged a neuclear power plant from earth here.

[Hey Megs, how was your vacation? You missed the party.]
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I can edit this if I get info wrong.

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Well, alot of us have been to it. Spent time there. Though....back on my world, werd as it sounds. Earth is Unicron, or at least it was.

[Poor guy. Don't destroy Cybertron, man. Then you'll never have to find out.]

Uh....aside from lingerin' radiation, repairing injuries, and getting deconed...not much to clean up. The plant is gone, along with most of the monsters.
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Nah, with this place, don't think it ever will. I wish it would, though. Make things easier.

Heh, it did. [He chuckles in return.] It's like somethin' doesn't want us to finish or something.

So...did you learn anything on the trip you took?
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We got to fight zombies and horribly mutated radioactive monsters. Yay.

[That litlte attempt at humor's more than a little feeble, but give the guy some credit, he's still recovering.]

On the bright side, pretty sure I could double as a night light right about now. Know anybody who needs one?
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Really? Wow. Never figured a big guy like you'd be afraid of the dark.

Unfortunately, it's just a figure of speech. Means I got way too much radiation for my own good. Pretty sure I don't actually glow, but not like I've checked, either.

[Not that running around a radioactive, post-meltdown disaster zone is ever good for you, especially without a protective suit, but oh well.]

As for me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. New York superhero extraordinaire, and local radiation sponge, at your service.

[Aaat least until his caretaker finds out he's doing the opposite of resting and chains him to the bed in the medbay, anyway.]
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[The former Decepticon officer debates replying or not. He . . . he doesn't have to. He Doesn't. Have. To. He . . . he chooses to anyway, because it's a choice he could make one way or the other and he just decides that he will. It has nothing to do with the fact that the mech still scares the slag out of him…really…nothing.]

There was some kind of storm from the Lambda that dropped what was apparently a human nuclear power plant into a region of the wastelands east and south of here, close to Haven's border. Brought with it rapidly-rising levels of radiation as well as various organic mutated monsters. Once the plant itself was located and determined to be the source of the monsters and radiation, several of us attacked and destroyed it. The resulting explosion was somehow more of an implosion as the whole fragged thing collapsed in on itself, sucking all its little mutated gifts away with it. And good riddance to it all.
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. . .

[While the mech has gotten – understandably – angry at him a few times, times when it was fully warranted, this Megatron has never harmed nor truly threatened Thundercracker. It makes him remember that he /does/ respect this mech, despite his choice to leave the faction. He nods.]

Maybe I will. How did your trip go, sir?
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[TC's face goes a bit still at the unexpected question . . . but the subconscious flick of his wings might tell Megatron something. He shakes his head, shoulders straightening just a tad.]

Not since you left, if that's what you mean. I have the same allies I've had for some time.

[Because, yeah, a Decepticon mech doesn't admit to having "friends" if he knows what's good for him - or those he cares about . . . and least of all to Megatron. Including this one? Thundercracker's not about to take the risk.]
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[An acknowledgment as he offers a nod of greeting – he's spoken to you at least once or twice before.]

As others have already explained, we had a failed nuclear power plant brought through by the Lambda. I have reason to believe it may have been the Chernobyl plant which famously went into meltdown and exploded in the Ukraine back on Earth in 1986, forever ruining a vast region now known as the Exclusion Zone. Apparently the center area that zone was brought here, though it must have been from an alternate Earth than my own, because it brought with it mutated horrors that the Zone from my world simply doesn't have.

The power plant has since been destroyed, somehow sent back through the spatial rift it came from apparently, since it seems to have taken all its monsters and its radiation with it.
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Not wholly yet, sir, but it seems to be fading rapidly. Humans and other susceptible organics - [And others with insufficient shielding…like him] - are still being advised to exercise caution and carry radiometers anywhere they go to watch their exposure, and decom baths are still being kept at the ready at the medbays, but overall the situation is definitely improving.
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OMG I'm tempted to have Deckard simply make the comment that he's from Japan... 9,9

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((ooc: Monsters, earthquakes . . . and what was the name of that RL power plant in Japan that melted down not that long ago? 9,9))

Determination, I suppose. What's been built here keeps getting damaged, but it's not yet been completely demolished. That I've seen or ever heard of, at least. Overall, it seems like we keep making progress, even if it gets set back a step or two at a time.