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Solus stands poised with the fully-assembled, towering form of Nexus Prime at the opening to one of the subterranean tunnels. A small herd of acolytes is accompanying them, carrying crates of supplies - metal, energon, and raw materials. While the combiner-Prime would normally just barely fit in the smallest of Solus' tunnel workings, this tunnel dwarfs even him.

It is a vast, primary shaft; wide and formal and clearly important enough to have earned additional detailing in the very walls. It carries an air of reverence that is obvious even over the comm, that of a temple, rather than a simple maintenance shaft.

This is something special.

"Those of you with my Mark, and those of my brother - to us! We must delve down into the core of the world, and ready our final preparations. If we cannot complete this...this is our last resort. There will be no other chance for the survival for this world or it's intended purpose."

Solus frowns at the camera, steadying herself against despair.

"It barely needs to be said, that if we do not survive this, your return home will not be likely."

Nexus steps forward, gesturing down in the vague direction of the center of the world.

"And on that happy note... Unicron's minions have sought to taint the core. You need to aid us in clearing the attackers, as well as repairing the damage they have dealt, if you got the talent. We gotta work quickly - my brothers can only delay the attack for so long. Only then can we survive this fight." Nexus gives the viewers an encouraging nod.

The coordinates of the massive tunnel follow before the view cuts out: the two Primes will be waiting.

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