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Hours after the battle, once the wounded have been tended to and the toll accounted for, Prima appears on the scene with his siblings, all bearing the healing wounds and marks of battle on their giant frames. The seven of the Haven are minus one of their own number on this day, which leaves their triumph only bittersweet. However, in light of their victory, six other figures linger in the distance, waiting to join their siblings in their own celebrations.

But for now, the celebration is for those of Haven alone.

The six First Forged gather their fighters among the debris, taking stock, healing and repairing and giving council as the group is rallied in from the Core and Badlands.

The Acolytes even bring forth the noncombatants from the temples, ushering them toward the call - it is a gathering for everyone that remains.

Meanwhile, the Lambda floats above, smaller and indistinct; the color of the rift's edges turned to a nonthreatening aurora of blues and teals, versus the previous acid green of Unicron's emergence. Vector Prime flies up to hover around it's slowly shrinking edges, clearly doing something to manipulate the space-tear with his various powers. It flickers occasionally, scenes and places appearing too quickly to identify within it's fractured edges.

When everyone is gathered, he hovers closer with a nod, and the leader of the Thirteen addresses them all.

"Marked ones. Travelers. Heroes. Unicron is gone, lost to a distance that will take eons to breech, if ever!"

He gestures up to the sky.

"Thanks to you, our greatest hope has been preserved, and our world can truly begin."

Prima clasps a hand over his chest - over his spark - in a gesture of the utmost respect. His siblings mimic him, and they all incline helms and upper-frames in varying shades of a bow. Alpha Trion spreads his hands wide, gesturing to the group at large.

"You have our deepest and most profound thanks. With your will on our side - and your Marks amplifying both our strength and the resistance to Unicron - the tides were turned."

Solus Prime shoulders her hammer, weary but triumphant.

"And, now that we have control over the Lambda, we can send you home."

"But. We would also extend an invitation."

"Those of you who have stayed with us, worked with us- aided us in our conflicts and the building of our world: we would give you a choice."

"Three choices, really." Grinning wide, the titanic Nexus Prime leans over his elder sibling's shoulder, which is enough to make even Prima's frame groan, holding up matching digits. Vector Prime teleports over to land at the head of the group, voice carrying readily.

"The first, and most simply: you will return home, as you were when you left your reality, to the very moment in time that you left it. All will be preserved, and any damage to your timeline from Unicron's interference will be prevented. Your time here - your imprisonment on this world, if you consider it thus, will feel as nothing but a fleeting dream."

Trion nods sagely, consulting the pages of his Covenant with the utmost care.

"The second: Again, you can return home, to whence you came. But you will remain as you are now, with what physical improvements you may carry, and with the memories you hold, intact."

Vector Prime immediately holds up a foreboding hand, voice going grim.

"I can guarantee a fracture in the timeline, if you chose this path. It will be stable...but new. Untested. You choose this path at your own risk - but the option of retaining your memories, a portion of your life - is a reward we cannot deny."

Nexus Prime straightens, much to his brother's visible relief, gesturing broadly to the group at large.

"And finally, for your friendship and aid, we offer the highest reward we can give."

"We offer you the chance to stay, to remain with us here, on our newly born world, as heroes for all time."

"You will always have a home here, and be welcomed as the some of the first citizens of this world. You earned it - and it would be weird without ya'll, you know?"

Previously silent, Megatronus snorts heavily, arms crossed over a battle damaged chest.

"Or you can leave now. But whatever you decide, you will need to choose fast."

"We regret that we must rush your choice, but the Lambda will only remain for so long. Without Unicron's power fueling it, it shrinks by the hour."

Solus gestures above to the shrinking wound in the sky, Vector confirming her words with a glance.

"You have only days to decide: and to choose wisely. Once the Lambda is closed, it cannot be undone."

"Whatever you decide, go with our blessing and eternal thanks. Your contributions shall not be forgotten."

The First Forged bow to the assembled group one final time, before scattering to return to their much-needed duties and waiting kin; leaving the assembled group to confer among themselves.

For some, the end of their time on Cybertron has come at last.

For others, it has only just begun.


[[Thank you all for participating in Re-Alignment! The game is now officially CLOSED.]]

It has been a long, crazy ride, and we thank you all for sticking with us for so long, until the end! <3 It has been a pleasure!

Feel free to continue tagging any End Game threads, posts, and posting any reactions/final get-togethers, whathaveyou to the comms for as long as you wish.

And as your a final reward, anyone who wishes to have a small blub regarding their character's personal choice and endgame may fill out the text box below, and post it among the comments!

Replies will filter in as time and real life obligations allow. And please note that choosing the 'canon' ending will be much more limiting in terms of what there is to work with.

Thank you all - I hope you have enjoyed our (very long) End Game!


Liege's plan to aid Unicron has failed: but he has escaped through the Lambda, fleeing to the far reaches of space...

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