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3rd-Jul-2014 04:52 pm - 04 || Video || OTA
Um, hi everyone.

[Rapunzel looks uneasy, as far from assured as she's ever looked; however, she also looks strangely determined, almost stubborn, something she never much had reason to show during her time on Cybertron. It's time to come clean. Lives are at stake, and it's driving her all but insane being cooped up, unable to do anything.

Well, it's past time to stop the self-pity. She can help. She needs to. Rapunzel can't bear the thought of losing her friends to these monstrous menaces, especially not when it's possible for her to give them near-infinite chances to stay alive.]

Okay, before I say anything else, I know most everything going on makes no sense to me; I don't understand the "science" or the terms o-or any of the things beyond my time. But I was told about monsters growing up, and seeing what's all happening over the network... it's obvious they can cause a lot of harm and a lot of damage. Frankly, I'm... I'm terrified. That people are going to get hurt. Good people.

And... I know I haven't been entirely honest, either. I-I've been too scared to, but now... now I'm scared for completely different reasons.

That's why I'm saying this now. [She takes a deep breath, in through her nose, out through her mouth. It was one thing to reveal her power to those who would keep it secret; revealing it to everyone... it's far more daunting. Necessary, given the cryptic times, but daunting. Yet despite having good reason for keeping it under wraps this long, there's something distinctly guilty about angle of her brow and look in her eye. Though she's righting the wrong and facing her fear, she's scared but hopeful it isn't too little, too late.]

I have magic hair that can heal when I sing a special incantation.

[There, she said it. Hastily, she presses on, as she doesn't want to give those who were previously in the dark too much time to grow resentful for her secret-keeping.]

I didn't know it at first, but it does heal literally everyone... robots included. It should reverse any damage, almost immediately. I'm... I'm so sorry I never told everyone before, but I do want to help, and I'd like to think I actually can, even though I'm not big or strong or superhuman.

A-anyways, from what I've heard, it isn't safe for people to go outside, much less "organics". But... if any of you do get hurt out there or see anyone else get injured, please come to me. I'll heal everyone and anyone that walks through the door.

[Even jerks like Sentinel.]

I'm inside Vector's temple, if and when anyone needs me.
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2nd-Jul-2014 06:31 pm - [Video]
[Well, there, Haven, have . . . well, one might guess it – him? – to be human.  Maybe?  Humanoid, at any rate.  Damn, but those are some enormous –  and very blank and dark –  round optics…in a rather leathery "face".  Best guess, for those would know of such things, is a guy in a full-head-covering gas mask over what was probably once really nice body armor.  While still quite functional, by the looks of it, it's definitely seen better days.  From the way he's holding up the device he's recording with, only one shoulder is visible . . . and there's no Glyph.  When he speaks, it's with what could best be described as "decent" English with a heavy Russian accent.]

So… Hello.  Seems not only I get caught outside during blow-out – and survive, yay for me – but I get dropped on alien world.  And bring mementos of home to share with you all.  Reverse welcome present, yes?

[Someone's inordinately cheery for finding himself in the situation that he has.  Maybe it's because he's been dealing with weird and "alien" shit for a few years now as it is.  He's spent the past few days learning what he could in recent network archives while he holed up somewhere defensible.  It also helps that he hasn't quite realized that what robots he's seen on the network aren't just amazing suits of powered armor with unnecessarily expressive faces mimicking their pilots, nor just how huge you all really are.]

How does this sound?  We trade information – I tell you what I know of mutants, you tell me what you know of . . . [He shifts to roll the wrist of his free hand – and that motion?...brings his other shoulder into view…which doesn't bear a Glyph either.  Never mind that he's got armor on, if there was one present . . . it'd be visible.] . . . everything else.  Deal?

Oh, and food.  Yeah.  Food would be good.  [It's actually the main reason he's doing this now.  He's run out of rations, oops.]  And vodka.  Lots of vodka.  Trust me, is good for the health.  Especially with radiation levels rising like they are.

Oh . . . name is Stepan.  Stepan Utkin.  Vsego dobrogo!

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2nd-Jul-2014 06:17 pm - [Video]
[Ut-oh, looks like Deckard's got his "Leader of the Brave Police" hat on today, if his grim expression is anything to go by.  To say nothing of his tone of voice.]

Good afternoon.  This is Deckard of the Haven Police.  As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, we seem to have another Unicron-induced invasion taking place.  There have been sightings of what I can only describe as zombies, plus some pretty grotesque animals, either bio-experiments or possibly the results of radiation mutations.  I've never heard of victims of severe mutations like we're starting to see surviving birth before, but I'd never heard of a lot of things before coming here, so I'm not going to rule it out.  Especially in light of the rising ambient radiation levels throughout Haven.

Those without shielding, I must ask that you remain inside, as deep into the Temples as you can.  Those who can weather the radiation, we need to find the source and a way to neutralize it as soon as possible.  I'd like to ask all those with aerial capability to contact me.  If we coordinate flight patterns, we can cover more ground in less time with little wasted in overlapping efforts.  Those on ground patrol, if you decide to go out, I strongly suggest you do so only in pairs or more.  We don't know what these creatures are capable of, but I can tell you from past experience that you could be in for a wide variety of really nasty surprises.

Also, keep your eyes up.  There's been at least one instance of an attack by a flying adversary.  I'm sure many of you saw Thundercracker's video.  I just spoke to him a little more about it, and he described a seemingly sentient, floating fireball that was able to turn into essentially a column of flames.  Shooting the core destroyed whatever it was, so we know that firearms are effective.

If anyone has any additional information at all on what's going on, please share it.  Thank you all in advance for your help.
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2nd-Jul-2014 05:01 pm - [video]
[The feed that opens is staticky, coming as it is from the outer edges of the network's range, and bears a face that should be familiar to many. Upon closer inspection though, one might notice this Wing is a little rougher around the edges compared to recent newer arrivals. His glyph too, is a brilliant Vectorian gold edged with a strong violet glow. A touch of concern marks Wing's face as he looks right and left before speaking into the feed. The jet is clearly wary of his surroundings.]

Haveners! It's been quite a long time. I wish happier news brought me to this, but alas, the recent disruption of the Lamdba affects us all.

[Behind Wing, over his shoulder, there's a stealthy, disturbingly flesh colored shape slithering down the slope on all fours.]

We hope--

[There's a flash of steel and white and red behind the jet: Drift doing what he does best, which is, apparently, slicing things into sushi, the two--the whatever-it-is and Drift--disappearing offscreen in a grunting flail.]

[The sound of combat rings out off screen, grabbing Wing's attention. The feed is jostled as he almost ends it--clearly Wing is tempted to join the fray--but he seems to change his mind at the last moment.]

Please. Please be wary if you leave the Haven. The wastelands is strewn with foreign debris and creatures stranger than ever roam the land!

[Yeah, and on that note... Drift appears--victorious, of course--holding what appears to be a severed head--actually two, one a smaller, almost vestigial one like a goiter from the neck of the main one--into the camera's range. ]

Anyone else running into these , for example?

[Stay classy, Drift.]

((OOC: Action and network both fine! Responses will be from either--if you have a preference, let us know! ))
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2nd-Jul-2014 05:58 am - [AUDIO TRANSMISSION]
[Someone has the best timing from wandering out of the badlands.]

I died, didn't I? ...Figures. I look horrible... If I did, what was the point in bringing me back? I'm not exactly worth anything. Seems like a wasted effort.

My processor is killing me. Don't... really know where I am right now. Not that it matters, I'll probably just end up dead again.


The planet's not about to explode and kill us all, right? It would be my luck to come back just for that.
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1st-Jul-2014 01:13 am - [Video]
[Alia spends most of the video message skimming and dismissing red windows that continually pop up in the feed. Light's sake she just got the fragging sensor net up and this happens.]

Guys, I'm glad you're making friends with the critters but we have another problem. I'm detecting radiation levels in Haven that weren't here before that boom, and the level's rising. I'm not sure how long we have because this stuff is refusing my attempts to match it to normal emissions types, but... In case you're from a place that doesn't have that sort of thing, it's not something you want to be out in if you happen to be squishy and biological.. or a mech for that matter.

I'm going to try and find somewhere radiation proof where the really vulnerable can sit this out, but I might be a while.

In other news, the perimeter is working just peachy as you can see. I'm still getting incoming bogie contacts.

I think they're getting bigger.
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30th-Jun-2014 08:11 pm - [Video]
[Thundercracker is crouched down on a knee out on the edges of Haven.  The ground around him is littered with warped, twisted bits of metal and plastic.  He has a piece pinched between his fingers, turning it this way and that.  Letters of...some language or other can be made out across one scorched face of it.]

Well . . . whatever it was, it's completely unrecognizable now.  The language looks like it might be Russian though...

[Don't ask him how he knows that.  He has no idea.  He STILL hasn't consciously learned about the gift from Alpha Trion, oops!]

[A moaning sound comes in from his left.  Grimacing in distaste, he merely shifts to raise an arm, firing his shoulder rifle a few times.  Wet splorts of something organic being blasted apart can be heard.  At least it stops the moaning?]

Brought something with it, though.  Lots of somethings.  Things that I'd guess died on impact . . . but didn't stay dead.  If I had to make a guess, I'd say they were human.  Or were at one time.

What the-?

[A heat haze surrounding a fiery glow drifts into view from behind the camera, heading for Thundercracker.  He's shifting stances into something he can better react/defend from as it closes on him.  The video feed of the camera goes staticky as the heat haze increases, the glowing heart of the anomaly turning into a ball of fire that quickly fills the camera's view.  There's a SNARL of pain from the Seeker before the video feed cuts out.]

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[Lea had never been especially fond of rats. And this particular mess mess wasn't changing his mind on that score. He'd seen the Lambda's display and gone out to see what was up, only to be assaulted by zombies of all things. The first few were easily dispatched, but like Heartless more seemed to reappear right when they were least wanted.

And now they'd been joined by giant, mutants rats. Or something. It was possible they could have been some other rodent, but they looked like rats to him, so he was calling them rats. He roasted the latest bunch with a stream of fire while pulling out his communicator with his free hand.]

Hey, anybody know the number of a good exterminator? Or maybe a 15-foot cat? Because we've got kind of a big rat problem.

[Briefly turns the camera so that folks can see the giant rats. A shambling zombie can be seen a bit further away before Lea turns the camera back to himself.]

Oh yeah, and zombies too. But one thing at a time...

[Turns a fireball on another rat and it goes up in flames with a pained squeal.]

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30th-Jun-2014 07:47 pm - [Audio]

[What is Ravage yelling about? Well it may have something to do with all the barking and growling that you can hear in the back ground that is gradually getting louder.]


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1st-Jul-2014 12:06 am - [Video/action | The Junkpile]
[The video starts with Knock Out in the middle of the junkpile, his blue firelizard perched on his shoulder, flapping its wings with anxiety and looking at the sky.]

I knew that peace wouldn’t last. Anybody else has seen the shiny display? The Lambda is up to something again and…eh...?

[There’s a loud thud and Knock Out turns to face two mutated boars growling and charging at him. They’re not the fasted creature but they’re really nasty looking and seriously? Zombie boars now? Knock Out is so done with this place he swears to primus…

With an irritated sigh he raises his left hand. It changes into a path blaster, not a weapon medics come equipped with very often (or ever), and the boars are blasted away withing seconds. ]

Thank you ‘Cade for the upgrade. [Knock Out murmurs to himself and then focus his attention on the feed again.]  I really hate this place sometimes. Who wants roasted pork for dinner?
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30th-Jun-2014 12:32 am - The Zone: Part One
After weeks of little change in activity, the Lambda suddenly crackles violently with energy, loudly enough to stir all but the deeply unconscious from their beds. It seems to be attempting to grow, the rift edges violent with dark colors, tearing at space.

Anyone who is quick enough to look might catch sight of the absent First Forged flitting about the lights of the Lambda, attempting to halt...whatever is about to occur.

The Lambda sparks and fizzles like a lose mortar round. Flares, about to erupt-

And abruptly dies back down to something close to it's previous size, with a final, defiant sonic boom.

But despite the efforts of the First Forged, something still got through. Splinters of that mysterious something rains down to the ground out past the boarders of the Haven, with a sound like thunder. The light of the falling debris and the flare of the calming Lambda makes pinpointing any one direction impossible. Perhaps more toward South? Or West? It will take time to find out.

The more adventurous can attempt to seek out the fallen fragments; the luckiest might find bits of metal and plastic, warped beyond recognition. Smaller fragments of the mystery 'asteroid' litter the edges of the Haven. Those versed in human tongues may recognize the scraps of language on the remains as Russian.

Any one with sensitive enough instruments or in-built sensors - or an inclination to build their own Geiger counter - can detect a marked, continual increase in the ambient radiation in the area. Not enough to harm the organics in the Haven - not yet - but enough to be noticeable. Worrying.

And then the creatures start to show up. )
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28th-Jun-2014 06:56 pm - audio;
I want to talk to the Brave Police. Right now.

[Kagerou what have we said about locking your messages like this.]

[Apparently all those talks still fly out the window when you're upset. Oops. And boy, does he sound upset.]
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28th-Jun-2014 12:28 am - [Video] Oooooops.
[The feed fizzles on, something big in the way for a moment. It soon becomes apparent that it’s a giant metal foot. The Link is turned slightly on its side, and angled so it’s looking up at Drift and Wing. It was apparently Drift’s foot in the way.]

[The two are facing each other, moving in slow, deliberate movements. It’s almost like a dance, but not, and way too slow to really be...anything. What are these hippies up to?! Whatever it is, it’s clear that Wing is the one slowly guiding Drift through these odd, slow moves.]

[And Drift has clearly had enough of this. He stops, not hiding his frustration very well at all.]
Watch the hippies dance. )

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27th-Jun-2014 11:08 pm - [Audio] Parts locked.
[Arcee never checked in. It's the third time with her. He knows what it means. The same as it's meant the other eleven times it's happened. He's spent the better part of the last over a year and a half, missing ninety percent of his team, family, from back home.

Why should now be any different?

In the past he would've gone looking for them, in the hope of finding them. But too many times those searches had turned to sparkache, at the failure to find them. The last one that did him in to giving up the searching was when Miko disappeared.

It's almost routine by now. Can't change it. You just have to deal with it and move on. He had things to do, including sending out long overdue messages.]

[Locked to construction crew, including Wing]
Hey guys, got some news I've been meanin' to spread. We've got another member of the crew. Wing asked if he could join, and I didn't see a reason not accept his offer. So welcome Wing to the crew.

Also, we need to get goin' on the roads. We don't have that much left to do.

[That done, he posted publicly.]

Been pretty quiet lately. Everybody still here?
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9th-Jun-2014 06:49 pm - 004 | Voice
[The link clicks on but there's no video. Just a rough clearing of someone's vocalizer. Soft and quiet, with a professional air about it.]

This is Ratchet. Checking in.

[A small pause.]

I've been busy as of late, so I apologize if I had worried anyone. I hope everyone is doing well.

[His voice sounds tired, spent almost, but a quiet sigh escapes his vents.]

For those of you who are new, I'm one of the medics here in Haven. I have a little knowledge on human medicine, but specialize in Cybertronian and robotics medical needs.

I'm returning to Solus' temple. So if you need me, I'll be passing by there in about a half hour.
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