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[It extends upwards as far as the eye can see, vanishing directly into the Lambda. Markings adorn its rough, worn surface, too ancient to read. The material itself seems new, however--a contradiction in forms. All who approach will hear its rhythmic thrumming, a noise pulsing from it with a lulling and dangerous tone. Around it the earth is broken and crumbling, and pieces of debris from the junk pile radiate outward...some of it charred as if burned.

Will you approach?


Climb the precarious looking footholds?

Or fall victim to something equally sinister...]

Note: This is the Pillar interaction post! A mod will be observing any threads made here, and will occasionally post with a response from the pillar depending on which actions you take. It is strongly suggested that you approach the pillar with a friend, as the effects of the Pillar's influence are not always pretty. (Also, it's difficult to hold a conversation between a character and a piece of stone.)

BE WARNED--many different outcomes will be administered here. If you don't want your character to be killed/injured/possessed then clear your post with Saeru before making it. All effects (yes, even death) will be temporary (IE not lasting more than three days).
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