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7th-Jul-2014 09:14 pm - The Zone: Part Two
Thanks to the distraction caused by the various creatures and anomalies, and the interference from the ever-increasing radiation, pinpointing the fallen 'meteor' and likely source of the attacks may have been difficult up until now.

But efforts to locate it have paid off.

South-west of Haven, there is a ridged valley that did not exist a week ago. In it's center is a massive, sprawling power plant, exhaust towers rising up to the horizon. It is literally crawling with more mutants.

As if that was not ominous enough, it is a nuclear power-plant.

You won't be finding any fuel cells, pillars, or drillers here... )
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2nd-Jul-2014 06:31 pm - [Video]
[Well, there, Haven, have . . . well, one might guess it – him? – to be human.  Maybe?  Humanoid, at any rate.  Damn, but those are some enormous –  and very blank and dark –  round optics…in a rather leathery "face".  Best guess, for those would know of such things, is a guy in a full-head-covering gas mask over what was probably once really nice body armor.  While still quite functional, by the looks of it, it's definitely seen better days.  From the way he's holding up the device he's recording with, only one shoulder is visible . . . and there's no Glyph.  When he speaks, it's with what could best be described as "decent" English with a heavy Russian accent.]

So… Hello.  Seems not only I get caught outside during blow-out – and survive, yay for me – but I get dropped on alien world.  And bring mementos of home to share with you all.  Reverse welcome present, yes?

[Someone's inordinately cheery for finding himself in the situation that he has.  Maybe it's because he's been dealing with weird and "alien" shit for a few years now as it is.  He's spent the past few days learning what he could in recent network archives while he holed up somewhere defensible.  It also helps that he hasn't quite realized that what robots he's seen on the network aren't just amazing suits of powered armor with unnecessarily expressive faces mimicking their pilots, nor just how huge you all really are.]

How does this sound?  We trade information – I tell you what I know of mutants, you tell me what you know of . . . [He shifts to roll the wrist of his free hand – and that motion?...brings his other shoulder into view…which doesn't bear a Glyph either.  Never mind that he's got armor on, if there was one present . . . it'd be visible.] . . . everything else.  Deal?

Oh, and food.  Yeah.  Food would be good.  [It's actually the main reason he's doing this now.  He's run out of rations, oops.]  And vodka.  Lots of vodka.  Trust me, is good for the health.  Especially with radiation levels rising like they are.

Oh . . . name is Stepan.  Stepan Utkin.  Vsego dobrogo!

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30th-Jun-2014 12:32 am - The Zone: Part One
After weeks of little change in activity, the Lambda suddenly crackles violently with energy, loudly enough to stir all but the deeply unconscious from their beds. It seems to be attempting to grow, the rift edges violent with dark colors, tearing at space.

Anyone who is quick enough to look might catch sight of the absent First Forged flitting about the lights of the Lambda, attempting to halt...whatever is about to occur.

The Lambda sparks and fizzles like a lose mortar round. Flares, about to erupt-

And abruptly dies back down to something close to it's previous size, with a final, defiant sonic boom.

But despite the efforts of the First Forged, something still got through. Splinters of that mysterious something rains down to the ground out past the boarders of the Haven, with a sound like thunder. The light of the falling debris and the flare of the calming Lambda makes pinpointing any one direction impossible. Perhaps more toward South? Or West? It will take time to find out.

The more adventurous can attempt to seek out the fallen fragments; the luckiest might find bits of metal and plastic, warped beyond recognition. Smaller fragments of the mystery 'asteroid' litter the edges of the Haven. Those versed in human tongues may recognize the scraps of language on the remains as Russian.

Any one with sensitive enough instruments or in-built sensors - or an inclination to build their own Geiger counter - can detect a marked, continual increase in the ambient radiation in the area. Not enough to harm the organics in the Haven - not yet - but enough to be noticeable. Worrying.

And then the creatures start to show up. )
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