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2nd-Aug-2014 11:26 am - End Game Part Five: The Traitor
While his brethren are out, seeking to destroy the dual incursions of Demons and Unicron...

Liege has waited, patiently.

His goals have always differed from those of the other thirteen, and now that they are distracted he can put forth a bid for his true desire: Control of the Lambda.

He appears on the network standing on a snow-capped balcony, shadowed by the near-perpetual darkness of his frigid towers.

"Listen, and listen well. To fight is hopeless. We have no guarantee of Primus's return, and we have even less guarantee that we can hold our own against this dual-sided assault. There is another way."

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23rd-Oct-2013 10:56 pm - Gathering
[This is a post. Within this post exist Prima, Liege, and A3. They exist here for the purposes of wrapping up previous conversations/plots or starting new ones. They will exist here for about a week, and all conversations that occur therin will be considered to have taken place PRIOR to the Pillar Event.

Alpha Trion can be found anywhere around his temple, or alternatively can sometimes be caught exploring the wastelands outside of the Haven. He's just as likely to get hold of you randomly one day while testing out the link device, however.

Prima can be found only in his tower. He's much more difficult to get hold of, but will surface for urgent matters and can be contacted through the Link...even if he'll be slow to reply.

Liege Maximo can be found in his many labs. He's been in a mood lately, but most would call it a 'good' mood, which means he's looking for people to interact with. Or on. If he's been in contact with you before he'll seek you out either in person or through an encrypted channel on your link device. Otherwise you will likely have to run into him.

To have a conversation with any of them, just specify WHO and WHERE or LINK in the title of your reply. Any action will be actionspam~]
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[The camera clicks on, and two very different Primes appear. Solus Prime is kneeling down, examining what appears to be a large, metal container as she speaks with Liege, who watches on. A moment goes by before she gives the comm, held in unmoving acolyte hands, a glance.]

-Prima's Touch was a clever addition. It will be interesting to see if his boon will help them survive the wilds more readily- Ah, very good.

[She stands, dusting off her hands with the faintest of pleased smirks.]

In the interests of continuing our work, we have elected to make this next experimental addition for improving Cybertron a bit more...visible.

Stars and shadows ain't good to see by. )
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I must begin with stating that this incident you have all been suffering through had nothing to do with myself.

Nor, unfortunately, did it have to do with Alpha Trion or his pages.

[Though that would have made this problem much simpler if it were.]

As it stands my brethren and I have been compiling data on the nature of the transformative waves emanating from the Lambda. I believe we have determined a pattern.

If there are any who need an immediate solution, contact the one whose glyph you bear.

Otherwise, in a few days time it will no longer be an issue. In order to make the change back permanent--we'll be altering the energy as it enters Cybertron's atmosphere.

Jetfire, I will need your assistance for this.

If there are any others who are capable of space flight, as well--let me know.

[He won't be using you now, but that doesn't mean he can't make plans of his own.]
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29th-Dec-2012 12:01 pm - [Yup another one][Locked to Jetfire]

I suggest you make your preparations, as I have finished with my previous assignments and intend to outfit you for exploration shortly.

[He's cross. There's probably a reason he's cross, since he's covered in snow.]

As you are aware, this may be a one way trip.

[In other words, make said preparations very carefully.] Come see me when you are ready.
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2nd-Dec-2012 11:03 pm - [Broadcast to all]
[It had started. If the strange electric feeling in the air hadn't clued him in, the fact that Dark Convoy had found him and talked with him would have cemented it. It had also given him an idea.]

Brothers...sister. Be ready. The time is soon.

To all those lacking Glyphs, I extend an invitation to you.

When the dark touch of chaos touches your minds, come find me. I may not be able to cure you of your ills, but at least in studying your descent I may find the tools to understand it.

[He has no more to say, and so he waits to see if there are any takers.]
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15th-Jul-2012 10:08 pm - [Priority Broadcast][EVENT END]
[The skies are clear, the Lambda shining brightly but steadily. Around the Junk Pile, the corpses of dead Monsters lie, some still twitching from the days of combat.

This is not unusual.

This is how it's always been, and Liege is tired of it.

He catches his homing spear from the air as it returns to him, the last of the targets that he faced lying quivering, not yet dead, in front of him. Replacing the spear with its matched pair on his back, he strides forward, picks up the creature, and hoists it over his shoulders.]

The readings from the Lambda Tear have normalized. The threat is done. If you have something to report to myself or my brethren, report it.

Any who have obtained something of note to study may bring it to my temple tomorrow night for a research session.

[He pauses.]

Nexus, I suppose that this also includes you and your ilk.

[He prepares to space-bridge back to his temple, and cuts the transmission.]

((OOC: That's all folks!

Any monsters that you have specifically left alive will still be alive, but all others may be assumed to have either been killed by players, been killed by Firstforged, or disappeared into the badlands. Gather up whatever you want from them! Samples, plates of armor, trophies--it's your go! If you do have something specific to talk to one of the Firstforged about or have fulfilled one of their side-quests, you may leave a reply below!

There will also be a gathering log put up tomorrow for Science Slumber Parties.))
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