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13th-Dec-2013 10:00 pm - [Video]
 Hey guys.

[Kay, you've been rather absent recently...]

Great work with that pillar. I mean...I would have gone with you but I've had...promises to keep. It's all fixed, right?

[Right. Good.]

I know this is short notice but I really...really need some help. Who's good with tech?
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 [She'd done all she could for the moment. With everyone going after Tarn, she'd joined the ranks of the medical staff. But seeing as she had no idea of anything beyond band-aids and generic first aid, she was quick to be sent home. A girl like her would only get in the way. difficult as it was to admit, they were right to make that call.

Still, that didn't solve the fact that Kay felt kind of useless right now.

The feed clicks on to show hers/Kagerou's room, showing her and three others in the room. One was her crow, Skydave, who seemed to be full grown now and lazily trying to catch some shut-eye. His owner was stupid and hyperactive. That was enough to tire anyone out.  The second was a giant robotic crab--about the size of a large Great Dane--courtesy of Jetfire and Starscream. That was the newest one to the posse it seemed.  And finally was Kagerou's acolyte, lovingly named Stumpy.  They seemed to be sitting like an audience as Kay was in front of them, twirling a metal...handle of something. Like a baton.]

Ugh...there's got to be something I can do. I'm a Great Thief, guys! This is my moment to SHINE!

[There's no reaction other than the soft whirring from the crab.]

Iron Crab, don't channel Mr. Edgeworth on me. I've been here over a year! It's time I take action. Mr. Trion's counting on me, you know.

[At that, the crow ruffles his feathers, giving a soft kaw.]

See? Skydave knows what I'm talking about. I've just got to--to prove it somehow! Miss Elita gave me this...

[She flips the switch, to show an energy axe appearing. K-Kay that's a weapon.]

And I'm not gonna let her, Kagerou, or anyone else down again. And you guys are gonna help me.

[And yet everyone can hear you.]
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3rd-Jun-2013 06:53 pm - [Video]
 [If any of you have known a child ever in your life, you know what it's like when they get on a caffeine high. Well, imagine that same reaction, but without the caffeine. Nope. Kay's going on full adrenaline/sugar rush without the sugar. The feed opens up to show her climbing all over the nest, pulling the random knicknacks that her crow had picked up for her on it's many junkpile trips. One is a lamp, where she takes an increasingly long time setting it up, pointing it in the direction of her so she can get proper lighting. The rooms aren't exactly very nicely lit. If you get a good look at her, you'll notice the glyph on her arm is now glowing in vibrant hues of magenta and black.]

Okay so is anyone feeling extremely energetic like you could maybe run a mile-long jog and not even break a sweat because that's kind of what it feels like for me right now see I woke up like bouncing up and down and I thought well maybe it's just from all the sugar I've been eating recently since I work at the Pantry sometimes you know? What's a Swiss Roll here or there I mean it's not like they notice or anything--

ANYWAY! Speaking of sugar I thought it would be kind of cool to do some kind of cooking for the FirstForged! I mean have they ever even eaten anything aside from that regular Energon stuff--PROBABLY NOT!

And I think we should give it to Mr. Megatronus so he stops being so grumpy. Like a birthday cake! You know speaking of birthdays it's got to be close to mine or at least past it I mean I've been here a really long time-

[BREATHE, child.]

....WHOO. Wow. That Who's up for sit-ups?
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26th-Mar-2013 09:14 pm - [Video]
 [So...everyone was turning back to normal. Everyone WAS normal now, just as Liege had told them. And...well let's just say, not everyone is too happy about it. In fact, Kay is pretty angry. You'd think someone who'd enjoyed her time with Kagerou would be thankful that she could have that sort of time, but...well, Kay's still a teenager, and teenagers get upset over the stupidest little things.  The feed clicks on to show her in her room, sitting on top of Stumpy (Kagerou's acolyte)'s head, pouting up a storm.]


[She takes a moment to fume.]

How is it....that EVERYONE got to change....


I mean come on! I've been waiting for this for FOREVER. I wanted to be a robot! I could fly if I wanted! I'd have a paint job! I would be bigger and stronger and faster and--UGH!!

[Her arms fold across her chest as she leans back, and despite everything, she still manages to pull off the cute pout face.]

It's NOT FAIR!! I'm sick of being so small and powerless! I didn't even get to try and be a robot! Not even for a week!  And then GOD SHEEP comes and says he's going to fix everything and I could have had my chance! Just--

[Take a breather, Kay.]

When's it my turn?
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 [Everyone getting their Christmas gifts? Good! It was nice to see the Lambda spreading a little holiday cheer.  And it seems like for the most part, the gift results were...interesting. Not all of them were so easy to obtain, however.  Kay's was one of these.  Oh, it wasn't because it was too big, or dangerous, or somehow a death machine.  Oh no, this was much worse.  

A crow had stolen it.

That's right--a real live crow.  But let's rewind a little to what happened early in that day.  Kagerou had gone to do some business...somewhere. He wouldn't tell her, so she went off to do her usual Kay thing.  And that was search for things to put in the nest atop the HQ.  This involved going to the junkpile, of course, and scavenging for anything of value.  It was an average day of garbage picking--nothing of real importance--and Kay was just about to leave, when she saw a small, elongated box wrapped all elegantly in a bow. And it was addressed to her!  It was like the sun shown down on her that day.

But before she could reach it, a crow fledgling had snatched it, taking off to another part of the junkpile. STOLE from her!

After a long game of chase, Kay's communicator falls out of her pouch, recording as the girl attempts to climb the junkpile towards the bird.]


[Well, that's off to a great start for some home movies.]

That present is mine!!

[The crow tilts it's head down at her, the box still in it's mouth as it watches her ascent. It's not for long, though.  It waits until she's within an arms reach...before...

hop hop hop hop!

Off to the next pile it goes!]

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12th-Dec-2012 11:43 am - [Video]
 [Thanks to Soundwave, Kay had returned back to her usual, bubbly self.  The police force could take care of Overlord, she was sure of it.  So it's better to try and UP those spirits instead of keeping everyone down.  Just like Soundwave had done.  And always wanting to make him proud, she started searching for any way to do so.  And lo and behold, Gunmax's recent post just made Kay realize something important.  Not that the police force was losing a member, oh no.  But that Christmas was coming up!

And then she robots celebrate Christmas? Maybe they were more fans of Hanukkah.  She wasn't picky. Something festive was just the thing Cybertron needed. With lights of any kind. Lots of lights. And a party.]

Hey everyone!

[And there she is in Kagerou's nest, sitting with the notebook Trion's acolyte brought her, tapping her pen on her mouth.]

Christmas is coming up, isn't it?  We should really do something. Something BIG! We could hang lights, make decorations...bake cookies...the works!  But I'm wondering, do you guys even know what Christmas is? What do you robots celebrate? Do you guys have any holidays? Even the humans, because we're from different worlds, right?

So basically, for all you bots who might NOT be in the know, Christmas is a time of year where you get together and spend time with people you love! There's gift giving, decorations, lots of food, and snuggling up by warm fires and punching whoever takes your blanket! Oh and soup. Lots and lots of soup. Do you guys have any holidays that are like that? Because I'm thinking we could like...mesh them all together into one big party! I'll take notes on everything.  I've already got a few Earth holidays that are around that time we could use...

So I'll provide the notebook, you provide me with the--

[She swings her arm]


So what do you think? would be something Ms. Vandal could come home to. 

[Okay, so maybe the Christmas thing wasn't the ONLY part she took from Gunmax's broadcast.]
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 [The feed clicks on to show Kay...although, she's not as chipper as she usually is.  She's not sad by any means, but more...solemn.  The party had gotten her spirits up considerably, but now that it had passed, she realizes something important.  Something she needs others to help with.  So she sits on her beanbag chair, arms resting on her knees as she gazes into the Link.]

I want armor.

[Why? Because it's dangerous here. Overlord proved that.]

Are there any metalworkers here?

And...I want to learn to protect myself. case someone can't do that for me.
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15th-Nov-2012 11:10 pm - [Audio][Encrypted location]
[Things have been a little grim around here lately, how about lighting things up with a few prank phone calls? And if "lighting" means annoying half the planet, then so be it. Kay and Cheetor have this both totally covered, no worries. It's just a little bit of fun after all, who can it hurt? It took Cheetor far longer than he'd like to figure out how to hide their location, now let the fun begin!

Someone is calling you mechs and organics alike, dare you answer?

No one says that either of them are going to be any good at this.
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 [The feed opens to show everyone's favourite crow girl, all honesty has been in better spirits. In fact, she's nothing like how she usually is.  Instead of bouncing around, she's taken to remaining curled in a beanbag chair in her room, holding the link as if it could disappear at any moment.  Her eyes are red and puffy, her cheeks are tear streaked, it''s a mess.  When she realizes the feed is on, those eyes harden for a moment.]

I want to see everyone right now. Bad things happen when people leave.

[She's rather short on words right now.]

Private to Soundwave )

Private to Cliffjumper )

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 [Recent events had perked Kay up quite a bit. In fact, it was almost like the Pages event had never happened.  I guess when you're a teenage girl, you tend to forget things like that easily. After all, you're not quite to the age where life hits you too hard. Either way, she's back to her ordinary, chipper self.  She'd been making frequent trips to the junkpile, finding all sorts of knick-knacks.  Some were far too bizarre for her to put in her room...actually, it cluttered it up pretty bad.

So what was she going to do with them?

Well, throughout the day, you could find her in various parts of Haven, tugging along a wagon and doing what looks like...lawn decoration?  Hey, the Acolytes said that it was their job to help build Cybertron, right? Well, if putting pink flamingos next to the lakes of the Trionic temple and strings of paper lanterns along Vector's, then so be it. It was what she could do.

Cybertron could use a little decoration, after all.

Wherever you happen to be, you might notice the girl putting up something like this. You can ignore her, whatever she's doing is probably really stupid.]
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 [It seems like only just yesterday that Kay's feed clicked on with her newest revelation to the world. Well, it's that time again, and now she's...less as excited as last time.  In fact, she looks rather distressed.  Ever since she slept at Teddie's, she's gotten a closer look at the guitar that she'd received as of late.  For awhile, she didn't question it.

Until Teddie brought up that it might be a Transformer child.

But Kay's not that stupid, she's learned how robots make babies. She's more worried about the guitar being something completely different. You see, the guitar is red. Crimson red with spikes adorning it, and two cow-like horns. Now who does that sound like? Well, she certainly has an idea. And that idea horrifies her.

Cliffjumper has been turned into her guitar.

What does she do. Her voice is slightly quivering, as she holds it in her hands with a face much like her icon.]


[Do explain, crazy child.]

I-I mean...look! It's red...there's horns...


[Well at least she's being rational.]
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4th-Sep-2012 01:31 pm - [Video] This is all so crazy!
 [Kay's been a very busy girl. Not only is she meeting all sorts of robot friends, but she's been doing analysis. That's right. This girl has been doing STUDIES of you metal beings. Whether or not that's a good thing (pfft, seriously?) has yet to be decided, but you're going to find out the fruits of her labor today. The feed clicks on to show her in her room putting up pieces of paper to a bulletin board she found in the junkpile. Thankfully it came with tacks!  She takes a step back to admire her work, allowing the link to get a full glimpse of what she's been up to.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

She notices that the Link is on after awhile, hurrying over to pick it up.]

Oh! Hi everyone! I'm actually glad you can see this! I was kind of thinking...ever since Teddie asked if Robots can score...Can robots make babies? I mean, you have to continue the robot race SOMEHOW, right?

I've even started investigating!  Mr. Edgeworth would be SO proud of me, because I've got a lot of evidence.  I'm doing that [swhing!] thing he does!  Okay, so boy robots make the babies? They've got big chests unlike the girl ones, and Soundwave's even opens! Maybe that's where the babies come from.  So my theory is, the robot babies come out of the daddy's chest or stomach. It's the only explanation that fits!  

[Her hand moves from the first page to the second page, giving a wide grin.]

This is my relationship chart. I can kind of see robots pairing up here, so I've written them down! But there's a lot of empty ones...I want to help you all find your robot boyfriends! Robrofriends? Is that a good word?  Either way, Just talk to ol' Kay here. She knows. 

[And finally, her hand rests on that last page.]

These are just what I think some babies might look like! Pretty cool, huh? I think I remember somewhere that DNA is half and half of mom and dad, so I did that when making this. What do you guys think?

[Go on, admire her stupidity work.]
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 [The feed clicks on to show our favourite ninja girl (or not, depending on if you actually talked to her or not) trying to adjust her Link against the wall of her room. She still hasn't quite furnished the place yet, but she's trying. There's a bunch of paintbrushes in the corner in what can only assume to be for future use, and a few other knick-nacks she seems to have picked up along the way.  But enough about that. After the link slid down to the floor a couple of times, she manages to get it propped upright so she can sit a little ways away from it, a notebook propped up in her lap.]

Hi everyone! Everybot? Whatever you guys call yourselves. I'm not picky!

I just had this great idea... we're making a lot of friends here, aren't we...I know I am... so I thought we should keep track of all the things we promise to do with each other!  I've got a notebook here specifically for promises, you know, so if you have one, just let me know, kay?

Not that you have to...

[She pauses for a second, tapping the pen to her chin.  There was something else she wanted to ask too...]

Oh yeah! All you teenage girls out there! Holla at me! I got a proposition for you guys!
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 [The network opens, and if one looks at their communicator they'll see the face of a rather chipper young girl. And yes, that face is taking up the whole screen. And boy does she look perplexed!]

Okay so wait.
You're saying I'm NOT in California anymore?
[And we're off to a good start. A+ brain power there, Kay.]

Okay... okay, so if I'm not in California...lakes...hills...weirdos in cloaks...

I'm in some alien cult, aren't I. 
[She'd normally be excited about this, but the thought of Edgeworth existing without her makes her gasp, placing a hand over her mouth.]

Oh no, then Mr. Edgeworth is out one assistant! Uh, does anyone know how to get back there? I mean, I have some really important business I have to get to! Super secret thief stuff. 
C'mon, help a girl out!

[Please excuse this one. She's pretty special.]
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