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8th-Apr-2014 07:07 pm - [Video]
[Someone's been avoiding the Link since the crystals situation righted itself--even as far as his levels of obnoxiousness go, he was embarrassed at how he acted. To the point of actually avoiding his friends It isn't until now that he's able to show his face to the Haven, losing almost all of that cocky attitude and replacing it with...guilt.]


I'm sorry or whatever. For all of that. Wasn't at my best, yeah?

Private to Gunmax )

Private to Ironhide )

Private to Kagerou )
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22nd-Mar-2014 12:19 pm - [Accidental Video]
 [Power Joe's been a busy bot. Really busy. In fact, that whole golf thing he had planned completely slipped his mind. He's got bigger and better things to do with his time right now. One of them you'll be able to witness at this very moment.  The Link clicks on, probably at a most/worst opportune time, showing...

Gunmax's room?

Well, it may be only recognizable to Gunmax, but still. He's there. And...holing up in it with all manner of little nicknacks. Hoards of toasters, hoards of food, metal scraplings, Gunmax's bike, a TV, you name it. It's in here somewhere.

He in fact just seems to be finished moving it into the room, taking a look.]


All mine now. 

[Looks like someone's claimed rooms.]
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 [Because this is something that's far too important to consider waiting on.]

Oi! Losers! 

We're going golfing.

[Always a bot of few words, aren't you. Few...demanding words.]
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 [So...that date didn't go as planned, and it's just sinking in now that it was even a date at all. The fact that he'd worked hard to get up the courage to ask, let alone show up...that was enough for his A.I. to handle. But this planet...much like back home, found a way to make that a false hope. Something he'd never really get.  It's a bit of a downer, really.

Enough to make him pout at the junkpile. Why the junkpile? So he could toss things around in his power shovel form if he needed to release his anger externally. This one got hurt. As for right now, though, he's curled up, sitting among a bunch of odds and ends, starting into the distance.]


[It'd hurt less if he hadn't arrived her moments after Lua.]

Hate this place.
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25th-Sep-2013 12:13 pm - [Video][Locked to Arcee]
 [You can do this, PJ, you can do this. It was a question! Surely he could ask a question.

After taking a proverbial swallow of his fears, he clicked the feed on.

The only recipient? Arcee.]

Hey, Arcee was it?

[He's having a bit of time adjusting to that name. After all, it was the same one that he had bad relations with in the past. Before her time.]

Are you free this weekend?

[Oh my god PJ are you seriously doing this. Are you asking her out?]
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3rd-Jul-2013 03:05 pm - 004 // [Video]
 [So all that Tarn nonsense aside, Power Joe's been conspicuously absent from the Link. Why?

Well, this place is boring. All it is is drama after drama. There's only so much of that a bot can take! Especially one who lives for just life, like PJ. He hasn't even told McCrane, Drill Boy, or Kagerou where he's run off to at times of the day, only leaving a note saying he'll be back. You can trust him, right?

Well, it's time to unveil his gift to Cybertron, everyone. The feed opens up to show the bot, smiling widely as he steps back.

He seems to be off in Nexus's quadrant, far from any of the temples...and a quick glance at the area around him shows...poles with flags? Some stone work? Heck, there's even ornaments strewn across it. Someone has been BUSY.]

Bah, this place has become such a dragfest since what happened. But Police HQ's got this under control, yeah? So it's time this place got a real pick-me-up.  You know, some actual fun.

[His head turns back towards the field, looking out at it.]

I actually started this a long time ago, and it's got some ways to go, but it's pretty much functional! What do you think? 

Cybertron's first golf course! [Look at those peace signs he's holding up. He's trying, Cybertron, really.]  

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13th-May-2013 11:54 pm - 003 // [Video]
 [Power Joe doesn't have a fancy introduction to his video post. Really, it's just him lying on the Cybertronian landscape outside of the Solian Temple. The lazy bum.]

Oi, what do you guys do for fun around here?

[Seriously, he's bored.]
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8th-Mar-2013 11:12 pm - 002 // [Video]
 [Hey Haven, what's happenin? Need some more Power Joe in your life? No?

Too bad.]

Oi! Guys, look what I found!

[The Link turns, showing what looks to be a vending machine.  How he found it is anyone's guess.]

I'm gonna put it right outside the Police HQ!


[...oh, yeah it speaks too.]

What do you think? Cool, huh?
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 Oi! What's going on here!? 

[Well, someone's not entirely happy today, are they?  Then again, if you were just running with your buddies and suddenly found yourself waking up in front of a shrine, you'd be a little intrigued about it. Enough to half-heartedly listen to the robed beings explain the situation to you.  He wasn't sure if he believed them, either.  It's not like he'd met them before, and no one was able to vouch for them.  Really, what did he care about them?]

Deckerd! Duke! Are you there?

[They're the ones he was with last, after all.]

Anyone?? I'm by some weird shrine and these creeps came up to me and gave me this--

[Suddenly, it switches to video, showing a very confused Power Joe.]


[Glad to see you're adjusting well, PJ.]
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