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31st-Oct-2012 04:17 pm - [Video]

[Yuuta comes on screen, looking determined. He's outside, the lambda splayed in the background.]

I'm going to go find Deckerd.

[And the video cuts off.]

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Hey guys!

[A sign comes up on screen, large bubble letters written on a piece of cardboard. It reads: "FREE CAR WASH TODAY! Though you don't have to be a car! Helpers paid in hugs! 8'D"

The sign is pulled back and Yuuta's grinning face comes up. He looks particularly excited.]

I heard from McCrane that you guys haven't been getting regular washings since you guys came here. I'm looking at you, Deckerd! So! What if we have a huge car wash today! I'll help anyone who needs a cleaning, though if anyone would like to help as well I won't refuse.

I'll be at Prima Prime's temple, so come on over!
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[Yuuta's peers into the camera, looking a bit teary and confused and - yeah. Mostly he's worried.]

I am Tomonaga Yuuta of the Brave Police. Deckerd, Duke, McCrane, anyone - if you guys can hear me, please respond. If not - I'm going to hope you guys aren't here. If anyone has seen them too, please respond to me as well - they're...

[Uh, what was that measurement again]

They're really tall! Tall as a house! And they're robots.

[Though the acolytes were too.Yuuta tries again.]

Deckerd is really blue. And Duke is red and white and - 

[Yeah, this might not work. Yuuta looks lost for a better explanation and finally tries:]

Everyone should have this symbol on them somewhere.

[He opens his badge and holds it up to display the symbol there.]

Please, anything would be helpful. Thank you very much.
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