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[Across the Link, a new video begins to play. The camera focuses in on what appears to be a rather young woman with two very long, thick braids of blue hair dressed in an outfit that resembles that of a maid. With her hands folded neatly together in front of her apron, arms locked straight at the elbows, she faces directly towards the camera with straight posture and a light smile.]

Excuse me. Please forgive this interruption.

My name is Yuzuki. I have only just arrived, though I still do not fully understand how I came to be in this place.

I am currently seeking further information concerning this location I have been told is called Cybertron, and searching for my owner, Mister Kokubunji Minoru. Having been separated from him, I wish to know whether or not he has come here through the Lambda as well. My master is twelve years old with black hair cut to eye level and has dark brown eyes with light skin. He typically wears a mandarin style jacket and sometimes wears a pair of glasses.

If you have recently seen him, please immediately contact me with further information.

Sir, if you can hear this message, please know that I am searching for you.

Thank you everyone.

[With a forward bow from the hips and her hands sliding downwards against her skirt in the motion, Yuzuki comes up straight after a few seconds to then cut off the wide broadcast transmission.]
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