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27th-Dec-2012 10:48 pm - [video]
I seem to have stumbled upon a package for a ...

[She pauses to look down at the tag in her hand]

-- Karrie Norton?

Looks like they've been good this year, considering the size of this thing.
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30th-Nov-2012 12:16 am - [video]
[Oh look, it's Selina, looking rather normal all things considered.]

Would one of you big, strong, and dashingly handsome robots like to help a girl out?

I stumbled upon a nice little trinket, but getting it out is a small problem. Little ol' me just can't handle such a big task.

I'm sure I can find some way to reward whoever decides to lend a hand.
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5th-Oct-2012 08:10 pm - [Video | Solus Temple]
[She appears on the screen. Just a regular black haired and green eyed human. Nothing unusual about her at all, right?]

Okay. I know I should be used to waking up in places and not remembering how I got there ...

But this is too much, even for me.

I'm just going to pretend this is a dream and not a bad sci-fi movie I've fallen into.

[She had to have been drugged. Only explanation.]
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