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23rd-Nov-2012 07:14 am - [ Video | Alpha Trion's Temple ]
[There's a lot of static for a second before the camera focus, a young woman backing away from the camera as she grins warmly at the screen. Reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear, being careful of the flower resting there, Oswin tucks her arms behind her back, leaning over just a bit to peer at the camera better.]

Well this is a odd little place isn't it? At least it's not cold, that's definitely a perk! I wish I had an idea of where I was though. I tried to find something out but there's no system to link up to--which is a shame, I'll have you know.

[She tsks a bit, arms falling from behind her back as she plops herself down on a seat in front of the camera now, smoothing out her skirt as she crosses her legs at her ankles.]

My name's Oswin Oswald, former junior entertainment manager for the starliner Alaska~ Otherwise I'm just a girl that likes to bake I suppose. Been told I make a mean souffle~

[Oswin grins, shifting again, pulling her legs up after a moment to tuck them under herself.]

Anyone care to tell a girl where she's landed? Last I knew, I was on a planet about to explode. .....Chinboy, did you have something to do with this? I thought I told you to leave me behind, you naughty boy.
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