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30th-Apr-2013 08:32 pm - Mission Log 3 [Video]
[He's taking note of the numbers, and there's something he's noticed.]

We're getting more biologicals. Do we have any numbers on resource usage?

[Like, y'know, clean water and food? Someone's already lived through starvation and does not fancy having another go.]
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11th-Mar-2013 10:03 pm - Mission Log 2 [Video]
[There's scratching and scrabbling as the communicator comes on. Also, that is a very unhappy wolf glaring at the screen, wings flared out and...]


[Yup. That's definitely a pair of wings attached to that wolf's back. Anyone familiar with the version of Cybertron with Silverbolt may have a feeling of deja vu.]

I'm going to guess this is the Lambda's doing.
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28th-Jan-2013 10:19 am - Mission Log 1 [Audio]
This Six calling White Knight requesting pickup. Repeat, this is Six calling White Knight requesting pickup.

Current coordinates unknown. Will need to triangulate based on my signal.

Warning: There are biomechanical hostiles in the area. I repeat, there are biomechanical hostiles in the--

[There's the sound of metal striking metal just before the feed ends. Any attempt to triangulate the source of the signal will pinpoint it to just outside Vector Prime's temple in the Haven.]
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