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5th-Jun-2013 09:35 pm - 2 [Video]
So are these things supposed to change like this, or do I have some kinda "lame disease-itis"?

[As Veser asks the question, he's turning left and right, frowning while he looks into a mirror and examines the black glyph on his upper left arm which has a faint magenta outline to it.]

'Cos last I checked, this thing was just pure black.
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18th-Mar-2013 06:24 pm - 1 [Video/Megatronic Temple]
Okay. So, just so that I can make sure we're clear here: I just got dragged through some kinda... weird, confusing time-space tear or some other really confusing shit, and I'm now completely stuck on a... a primordial machine-planet named Cybertron? Like, I'm surrounded by giant robots and some other guys that got pulled through? That's what's happening here?

[The boy on the Link pauses for a long moment, his initial expression one of bewilderment -- although the fact he was very upset just a few moments ago is underlying -- before breaking into a giant grin, revealing his rows of gnashing, shark-like teeth.]

That is so fucking cool. Like, legit! This is an honest-to-God or whatever alien planet?! Life dream, consider yourself completed!

[He almost drops his communicator in his excitement, his words tumbling out at a mile a minute. Finally, he remembers he's talking to people and laughs, a little sheepishly.]

Sorry. Got a bit excited there, this is just so awesome. Uh, anyway... [His smile shrinks down to a smirk.] This might be kind of pointless, but I might as well see if there's anyone I already know here -- from my universe or world or whatever. So! First things first, I'm lookin' for two guys. First guy's really pale, black hair, dresses like a hipster douche? His name's Conrad, I think, he's British as all hell.

Second guy's kinda short, red hair, glasses -- looks like a real geek. Some kinda 'paranormal investigator' or whatever. His name's Hanna -- his. Might be seen around with a zombie and yeah, I know that's technically three guys but whatever. You seen them, or if they're here -- call me back, right?

[He goes to turn off the feed... but pauses. His expression completely sobers up, darkening into something very much hurt and a teeny bit malicious.]

Oh... and if anyone knows a guy named 'Tibenoch'... point me to him.
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