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5th-Nov-2013 03:03 pm - [Shaky Video]
Where... am I?

[The feed is shaky and full of static: you can barely see Shira laying down in front of the communicator. The Sabertoothed Tiger sounds completely lost and she is also whining softly, almost too low too hear.]

I remember... The human that could talk? No, it's impossible. Humans don't talk. Diego?

[She tries to get back on her feet now, but immediately falls back down. The cat doesn't look hurt, thankfully, and there is no blood visible.]

I can't smell the grass. I can't smell the trees! Manny? Oh holy iceberg, I can't believe I am saying that but... Cid? Grandma?

I think there was a frog man in my dream. And metal. And creatures made of metal. But it can't be.

Where am I?

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6th-Apr-2013 01:25 pm - [Video]
[Don't ask how Shira became so skilled with her Link, but she is. Period.]

Hello to you all and particularely to my fellow "organics"! I happen to have smelled a herd of grass eater. I don't know what they are exactly, but they smell and look comestible. So I am organizing a hunt! Because fruits and eggs are good for a little while, but I know I need more than just that. Maybe some of you will enjoy meat as well? I know that humans from my world eat a lot of it.

For the big, noisy "robots", can you just keep out the western part of the Junk Pile for now? Because you are not exactly, erm, discreet, and I don't want the herd to scatter.

[/Locked to Rocket] )

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