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7th-Aug-2012 09:49 pm - [video | open]
[someone's been busy in the junkpile as well. He's got a human sized table... sort of. One that's on the ground, at which he's kneeling. And he's got... stuff... on the table. He is, as usual, idly shuffling his cards.]

Well, well. When beasties aren't attacking the place, it can get downright dull around here, hmm? I mean, one can explore, of course, but that gets rather lonely; and one can garden as well, if one is human, but when all the chores have been done, what's there to do?

[he gestures to the stuff on the table. It... looks like a bunch of games. A lot are pretty beat up -- he did pull them out of the junkyard -- and with a few it looks like he's cobbled together extra pieces from spare parts. It looks like he currently has Yahtzee, backgammon, a whole bunch of dice, several decks of cards, what looks like a truly ancient Senet board, parcheesi, and checkers. And then... some odder ones. For instance, for some reason there is a Lord of the Rings Monopoly board. And then... Settles of Catan and... something called Pixel Lincoln.. It looks like he may have gathered even MORE in the background.]

A few weeks worth of work. But they're here for the taking, and I'm always up for a game of any sort. And yet, still no chessboard.

Beyond that... if you're not the sort for games, I've a little skill at fortune-telling with the cards. You can ask me any question you like and I'll try to give you an answer.

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18th-Jul-2012 09:18 pm - [video | open]
[In the background, you can see the junkyard and a number of very dead beasties from the invasion, among other bits of flotsam and jetsam]

Hello hello, one and all. My thought of the moment goes out mostly to my more... fleshy bretheren, but I suppose there may be some machines among you who might be able to render aid as well.

As you have all no doubt noticed, food is a little difficult to come by. Certainly, the sky rains a bounty--

[Almost as though on cue, a gigantic daikon falls out of the sky and lands on the skull of a dead sharkticon with a loud crack.]

--but finding stuff that isn't spoiled is a mite difficult, and what fare can be found, well... it's a roulette. An occasionally Russian one. Living on this stuff is only thinking in the short term, and I'm the sort who prefers to play a long game.

So. Trion's temple happens to have some arable land. Alas, I've little to no skill with farming, the last houseplant I tried to keep died... but I thought, perhaps one of you others is a better hand at it, hmm? And perhaps you've a little skill with cooking? Just a thought.
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[Luxord has his hood up, hiding his features completely; though those that spoke to him in the junk pile will recognize his voice. He's idly shuffling his cards, and it seems he's set the communicator on a wall or some such, as the angle's actually rather good... enough to catch both him, the extremely cozy looking (well... cozy by Cybertronian standards. with Luxord in it, it'd be more apt to call it "cavernous") nook he's sitting in, and then the magnificent view of a placid lake outside the window.]

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm actually finding this situation rather ideal. Comfortable surroundings, interesting things to explore, pleasurable company... now, all we'd need to make it complete is a weekly game night and perhaps someone who could cook, and we'd be quite, set, don't you agree?

[Flip, shuffle, and finally his hands still]

So, let's get to know each other, just a little, shall we? I come from a moonlit city without a sun, where the rain falls without end. But I'm a well-traveled soul, I must say, I've been to many worlds in my time, and I'm curious about the ones you've come from. So, then...

[flip and draw]

Tell me of your worlds, would you? I'm curious.
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