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21st-Apr-2013 07:31 am - [Video | Liege's temple]
Curious about the nature of committee going into effect. Seems to be much disagreement. Similar to the council back home. Equal representation is important but sometimes understandable to not have, since there seems to be so many problems.

[Don't mind him, he's just been mulling this all over. The death of the resident therapist really hasn't shaken Mordin all...because, being who he is, he's seen enough death to have become immune to it.

That and any response he would have had would have been done and over quickly. Can't waste too much time after all.

The salarian is currently in his quarters in Liege's temple, quarters that he's turned into a makeshift lab considering all of the samples and other items scattered about the room. He's focused on his omni-tool, going over some data.]

Good to see a vote going into effect. Appease the masses. Should help with the disagreement. Entire committee should have been voted on though, not selected.

[He taps something then shuts his omni-tool off, one arm crossed while he holds his chin with the other.]

Curious about recent death though...

Locked to Perceptor )
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2nd-Mar-2013 06:44 am - [Video | Liege's Quadrant]
[Knowing that some of his teammates were here had been a big relief for Mordin, though honestly even if he had been alone he would have managed considering he thought this was the afterlife or whatever it was one wanted to call it. (He still wasn't completely convinced he wasn't dead but he'd keep those theories to himself and maybe Shepard.)

He'd found the temple of his 'firstforged' quite interesting and had been exploring it a lot, the dance thing that had occurred nothing something he was all that interested in at all.

And, of course, now he had a lot of questions. Especially about Cybertronians.]

Would like to know more about the larger inhabitants of this place. Robotic in nature but almost organic in the way they act. Curious. Much different from the Geth back home.

[Seated in his room, the scientist is going over something on his omni-tool, the comm device resting on his desk.]

Looking for a volunteer. Need a closer look. Run scans. Collect data. Need better understanding of the unknown.

[Because he hates not knowing.]
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12th-Feb-2013 08:53 pm - [Video - Liege's Quadrant]
[There were some things that just weren't pleasant to wake up to and robotic beings were one of them.

Mordin was already a bit disoriented as it was, considering he was fairly certain he had died and yet here he was on some strange planet alive, so seeing the acolyte had been a bit of a....well, he'd reacted a bit badly. There had been enough of a pause on the scientist's part that a few things had been said, something about temple and alignments and Haven, but once Mordin had gotten over the initial 'what the hell is going on', his weapon had been drawn and the acolyte was disabled.

He'd made his way out of the temple as quickly as possible and ended up outside of the temple, looking out over the landscape with a contemplative look.

Definitely not like anything he'd ever seen.

Remembering what the acolyte had said about his communication device, Mordin activated it, not really focusing on it though.

There was too much to study and ponder about at the moment.]

Not sure what this is or where I am. Strange place. Unlike any planet I've ever seen before. Curious. Robotic creatures similar in ways to geth and the reapers but vastly different at the same time, as scans have shown. Would like to know more.

But more pressing matters at hand.

[The scientist paused, taking a breath before looking at the camera.]

Normandy, please come in. Need transport immediately.

[It was worth a shot right?]
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