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14th-Sep-2012 11:03 pm - [video][signal scramble]
[ The video opens up on a cybertronian-sized table. And on it-- standing on it, that is -- is Megamind. He's got a few things set up here, and he has a rifle with strange designs on it. ]

Alright. I get it. Ha ha ha.

"Cereal killer."

[ He gestures, takes the gun up, aims-- and fires. And ...cereal begins to materialize mid laser-stream, flaky deliciousness pelting his target. ]

I thought, you see, about dismantling this pranked gun, but then I realize...

I realize that there are a lot of folks who've got to ear. When was the last time anybody had breakfast cereal? So... What will you give me for boxes and boxes of cereal? You humans need your grains! Here's a good supply!

Well? Anybody? Start with the offers! I'll start selling you people boxes of delicious crunchy foods!
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24th-Aug-2012 10:36 pm - [VIDEO] [SIGNAL SCRAMBLED]
[This comes in unclear. Where-ever it is, it's not a recognizable temple that anyone else has been in... so far. Very dimly lit, with tarps harvested from the recent appearnce of the Home Depot covering thigs in dirty gray, blazingly bright orange, and ever popular crap-ass fall colors. ]

[ Megamind is in a jury-rigged chair, turning tools over in his hands. He tilts his head, looking a little bemused at the camera. ]

My, we've gotten some new warm bodies -- and some new rubaht bodies [ he will never not mangle the word robot, apparently ] and so far, no more monsters. Very good, that. But I keep hearing about this gathering and that gathering and... honestly. I think some of you are missing the point.

Aren't we supposed to be creating something fantastic? Something marvelous out of a whole new world? And you guys barely have a farm going for the little organics over there! [ ...says a little blue organic. Well, he might have something sustaining him, so far. THe needs of one are much smaller than the many. ] I hear about venues and farms, but... then it keeps interrupting with gathering here and there to socialize. I guess some people need the shoulders of giants and all... [ This is Megamind, subtly mocking the very idea of working with someone. ]

Ah well. I guess none of you are quite what the giant rubaht godlings ordered! Carry on then with your meaningless little frivolities!

[ And with that he's off the screen. Megamind hasn't been a dick to a stranger in weeks, so, you know, had to get that out of his system. ]
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[This is the middle of a desert. Don't mind Megamind here. He's still being quite the jerk, not being anywhere near the major lines of combat.]

Man, this place is just full of heroes. I watched you all scurry and defend your lands from a safe distance and really it was most impressive. Acolytes at temples, the junk pile, all the other temples. It was quite moving. I mean, I moved right into a safe space and watched you people scurry.

Since, you know, I'm just a little organic and didn't want to get stepped on [Lies, seriously, he was simply studying the hero response] And since none of my weapons or devices have shown up, well... let's just say I'm glad we had such... fantastic warriors to defend us.

I'm beginning to think the smaller of us are going to need some serious help in, hhmmm, equalizing the playing field, aren't we? I do love a new project... We'll just have to see what I come up with with such-- limited materials and power sources. I mean, I've built robot [he says it ruhBAHT] before, and large scale battle suits, but I'm looking at something about twice what I've run in the past.

[Thankfully, he's found a secret ace. He just has to learn how to use it or-- sigh-- get robot help. Guess which he'd rather not do?]

Oh well. I do love a challenge. You boys have fun beating up the bad guys. [He can't help but sneer some when he says it-- because honestly, he knows his destiny: He's a bad guy. Bad guys don't get the girl.]
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