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29th-Dec-2013 07:23 pm - [Video]
I have the most marvellous news everypony!

[Rarity appears looking as glamorous as ever. Oh boy she's just so excited! Everything she's been pushing towards for the past couple of months has finally come into fruition! She composes herself and makes her announcement as dignified as possible.]

My spa is finally ready to be opened! I have worked tirelessly over the last while to make something both you robotic types and organics can enjoy! I would like to extend a thank you to our lovely construction crew for helping me get the building done, and they did such a wonderful job at it!

Now, if anyone ever wants to relax and/or groom themselves, please come down and visit my spa! It's located by the lake, and I can guarantee that you'll leave feeling a little bit more beautiful!

Thank you for listening my dear Haven.
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25th-Nov-2013 12:22 am - [Video]
[The feed opens to Rarity's room, which is now filled with all sorts of things. Sure, it looks like a hoarders dream, but it's a fabulous hoarders dream, with brightly coloured cloth and various cans of paint stacked everywhere. Someone's been really busy over the past couple of days. Rarity likes finding her place in wherever she is, and she's convinced that her project now is the very thing she can give back to this strange and alien world.]

Goodness, it's been a while since I've last used this thing! My apologies, I've been spending so much time looking through the junkpile that I haven't been around as much as I'd like to be.

But now that everyone seems to have come back to their senses, I wouldn't mind talking about my spa idea again! I would very much like volunteers to help build it by the lake, and others to help me maintain it! Consider it a beautiful career opportunity and my gift to all of you.

Skids and Wrex darlings, a word if you don't mind!
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27th-Oct-2013 05:30 pm - [Video]
My, that was certainly a storm! How on earth you manage the weather out here is completely beyond me.

[Rarity has a few awesome ideas that she wants to share with all of you. Sure, a few days ago she had totally freaked out, but now she's determined to make something of herself.]

For those who don't know, my name is Rarity! I do apologize for my scene a few days ago, it was most improper of me. Now! I have a little project I want to work on, if anyone would be kind enough to help. I need construction workers, if you'd be so kind, and I'd like to know a little more about polish and oil baths. Oh, and paint! What sort of paint do you use?

Secondly, I happen to notice that we're close to Nightmare Night! In Ponyville, we celebrated by dressing up in costumes and taking part in various activities! Now, if you do not mind I wish to hold what amounts to a Nightmare Night Ball, which will take place about four days from now. I expect everyone to arrive in costume! So dress your best and have fun! It will take place at the hub, if you're curious. Oh, and helpers would be absolutely lovely.

I believe that is everything! Thank you so much for listening.
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20th-Oct-2013 11:53 pm - [Video]
[This right here is a pony. This pony has just woken up and listened to the acolytes.

This pony is not the least bit happy, and expresses it the best way she knows how.


What?? What is this? Oh my gosh who would do something so terrible! Why me? Oh why oh why would I be chosen to come to such a terrible place! I mean, look at how tacky this room is!!! And what's worse, I can't see any of my shampoos or conditioners! Do you expect me to rough it? How barbaric!

I do have to like this symbol though, it goes well with my hair, so I will give this place that.

[This has been your daily dose of Rarity.]
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