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[There's a peculiar clicking sound, like bits of metal clinking against metal, and a short bit of scraping. Not really any other sounds for the time being, save for the occasional pause in the clinking.

Then, a longer pause, and-

You know, when I started up today, the thing at the very top of my list of priorities was not, in fact 'waking up in an alternate dimension in the middle of no where'. Actually I'm pretty sure it was test Block Beta part C for ten hours. This is not Block Beta part C.

That block has a lot more health code violations in it.

[The female voice is low and casual, very relaxed and possessing an informative tone. The clinking is back, before there's the sound of the communicator being scraped across the floor.]

Nevertheless, I'm prepared to make due with what I have. Here's to hoping that whenever I go back, everything isn't a white hot smouldering radioactive crater. Though if it is, it would certainly teach Block Alpha part B not to keep trying to cut the wires all the time. For the brief, fleeting moment that they're not completely atomized.

I don't suppose any of you happen to have a map of the area. I'd go and map it out myself but... well, I have other things I need to do. That and I'm not in any hurry to randomly wander out into the wild and get eaten by robot bears or whatever happens to be the local fauna of this particular planet. I'm sure you understand.
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