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30th-Sep-2012 06:00 pm - VIDEO; location - the garden
A few matters. I will be brief.

I apologize, first and foremost, for keeping to myself. The page that had affected me was not something I could trust to be near another living being, whether they were of the flesh or of the metal. I decided it was best to seclude myself. Now that it is over, all the better.

However, this does bring about a small problem. I did notice that we seem to be missing... some individuals. I would like to try to search for them. If there's someone you have not heard from in awhile, please inform me and I will begin a search.

Lastly, this is targeted primarily to other beings my size, though I suppose this may work as well for the rest of you metal warriors. Many of us do not know how to defend ourselves. I do.

I would like to share my knowledge.

It is good to have protectors, but it is equally important to know how to survive on your own.
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8th-Sep-2012 02:34 pm - AUDIO;
The others and I have returned. Thank you, all of you, who have come with me. I couldn't have done this journey alone.

Lord Prima, I have the device prepared. I'll bring it to you as soon as I can. What else do you require of me?

Wing, Drift. Both of you left very quickly. Is everything okay?

I have one other question for you all. We found someone out on our journey. I asked for Cliffjumper to take him back out to the Haven. Is he safe? He is another of your metal warriors, a tall, mostly red individual with a gray face and white wings with yellow glass on his chest. He looks like he must fly, much like Wing does. The glyph of Liege Maximo was on his arm.

I do not know him, but I hope he was returned successfully.
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28th-Aug-2012 05:58 pm - VIDEO;
Please, for a moment, give me your attention, all of you.

My name, again, is Ashitaka. I have a request to make. Most of you don't know me very well, and I understand if you disregard this.

First, I owe you all an explanation. Where I'm from, there are gods and demons alike. Gods to guard forests and the mountains. Demons that form due to anger and hatred.

[Ashitaka undoes his sleeve, pushing it back to reveal his scarred skin.]

I was cursed by a former god turned demon where I am from. When it is done claiming my body, it will kill me. I originally asked about the spirituality of this world because I was unsure of what could help me. Lord Prima has advised that I go on a journey to the Badlands. He has given me a map and a task.

However. Lord Prima also advised that I do not venture alone. So what I ask is this: will anyone be willing to go out into the Badlands with me? It will be dangerous, so I have need of those who can defend themselves. I will be honored if you volunteer yourself, but I need to know if you can fight as well.

I also understand if you do not wish to offer your help to me. If I must go alone, I will.

Thank you.
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25th-Aug-2012 08:33 pm - AUDIO;
I'd like to also start a project in growing trees on Cybertron. I don't know how well that would work, to tell the truth. Perhaps around the garden would be best. It would take sometime, but in the end, their growth would help improve organic life.

I... do have a question for everyone here. Is there any kind of spiritual presence on Cybertron? Is such a thing possible?

Perhaps that's a better question for the Firstforged. I don't know if asking the Cybertronians or humans would answer something like that.
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25th-Jul-2012 05:16 pm - AUDIO; location: prima's temple
Slipstream, thank you for your help. I wouldn't have gotten far without you or Yakul.

One of the Acolytes gave me a better idea of where I am. There's much I could say about how I feel about the circumstance, but I won't. The important factor is that we're all in this together now.

My name is Ashitaka. Where I was from no longer matters. What does matter is that I'd like to get to know everyone here.

I believe a man mentioned that some gardening or farming would be a wise idea; I agree with him. And if he's still willing, I would be glad to help with that task.
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