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1st-Jan-2013 02:53 am - audio | location: prima's temple
Ah... excuse me?

[The voice on the comm is formal, polite, and, judging from the hitch of breath every other word or so, in a very great deal of pain.]

If it's not too much trouble, could someone direct me to the nearest infirmary? Or anywhere else they may have bandages I could borrow? Any assistance would be... be greatly appreciated.

[A pause. A very long pause. Is he still there?]

Otherwise, I'm... afraid I may be making something of a mess. [He laughs briefly, the sound cutting off in a quiet hiss.] There... there is a great deal of bleeding...

Gojyo, if you or Goku are anywhere, please, contact me. Don't worry, I've managed to stop the bleeding for the time being. However, I would think it's somewhat ill-advised to dawdle, should you hear this message.
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