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26th-Dec-2012 11:01 am - Video Transmission: Junk Pile
[See Captain Renko sit. See Captain Renko sit while it snows. Sit, Renko, sit!

Actually, anyone that looks towards the bottom of the video will notice that his legs are straddling the main cannon of a tank. And that Renko has the biggest grin on his face. He leans back slightly and twists to put the big red bow his package originally had back on the turret behind him. The faint blue glow of the TMD is slightly visible from under the sleeve of his trenchcoat.]

Does anyone have a can of black paint and a paintbrush I can borrow? This poor thing doesn't have a name yet.

[It also doesn't have any ammo but he doesn't particularly care at the moment. TANK!]
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Hello? Is this thing on? How do I... oh.

[Suddenly the video pops on, to a view of a man with short dark hair in a dark grey trench coat and white shirt. He adjusts his clothing slightly and straightens up.]

This is Captain Nathaniel Renko, Spartan platoon of the Titan Corps of North America. Though I'm guessing there's no one here that knows of either of those... [Or he wouldn't be using his real name. But who knows, maybe there's someone around here that remembers Spartan-21 or Titan-1 Actual, or heavens forbid, his name. Without understanding the former connotations of his name in his timeline, hopefully.]

So I've heard that I was dropped through some kind of rift and I'm on another planet. And apparently there are sentient giant robots. Which I guess makes my next question... what's it like where you're from originally?

[If he seems less bothered about the whole "temporal-spacial displacement" thing than others might be, it's because he is. For you, this might be life-changing and incredibly traumatizing, but for him it is Tuesday.]
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