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13th-Jun-2013 04:44 pm - [Video]
[Perhaps you have wondered why there has been a lack of symmetry on your network lately (though probably not). It's hard to imagine that a god of death could completely fall off the radar while on an alien planet, but Kid has been pretty scarce.

The video feed shows him looking rather proud of himself, measuring tape in hand, standing in front of one of Alpha Trion's bookshelves. The books have been completely reorganized, their heights aligned in a way to make them completely identical on both sides.

To show my appreciation Alpha Trion, I taken the time to organize the books in your library. They are now arranged to be completely symmetrical, much like the exquisite doors you showed me upon my arrival.

[That's right. He's been gone for... weeks, at least. And he's organized a single bookshelf.

In an entire library.

But it looks perfect, right?
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[The feed flicks on to reveal a rather furious looking boy with three white stripes on the left side of his hair, his unnatural gold eyes glowering at the camera. His chest is heaving as he struggles to restrain himself; if looks could kill, then the device would be dead five times over.]

Is this someone's sick idea of a joke?! How could anyone possibly think of doing something so twisted?!

[Of course, he must be referring to his appearance on Cybertron. Not hours earlier, he had been in Death City, speaking to his fellow classmates... It would only make sense for him to be so incensed, having been whisked away to a foreign planet!]

This marking on my shoulder! Why is there only one?! It's completely asymmetrical!

[... Or not. Even without the glyph directly visible, the very idea that he could be marked in such an unbalanced, terrible way... His skin should have rejected the ink to begin with!]

I demand to speak to the ones responsible for this atrocity!
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