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25th-Aug-2012 07:55 pm - VIDEO
[ The video flicks on to Perceptor, the junk pile behind him, looking... harried, to say the least. ]

I require a medic immediately, ideally one who is familiar with human anatomy. There has been an accident in the vicinity of the junk pile--

[Hal is in the background of the feed, moving to the foreground as quickly as someone who is losing ridiculous amounts of blood can, and managing to look both in pain and exasperated. While he does seem mostly intact, the key word is mostly. He has two legs, his head, his torso, and his mechanical arm, but is decidedly lacking in the flesh-and-blood arm area. Instead, all he really has for a left arm is a bloody stump that starts at the shoulder joint.]

I feel that this may not have happened if you had bothered to survey the area before deciding to practice your shooting skills.

I did survey the area before beginning. I always do.

[ Perceptor sounds, besides slightly freaked out, a little offended. ]

And yet here I am, missing an arm, and here you are not.

[There is only one person allowed to be offended in this feed, buddy, and it ain't you.

Perceptor turns to Hal, frowning.]

I have already apologized profusely. One would have to ask why you were present inside a refrigeration unit in the first place, but I feel that time is currently of the essence. We will need to terminate the bleeding before you exsanguinate. You are currently hemorrhaging at a rather prodigious rate.

I was gathering supplies for a project of sorts. Food preservation.

[Hal waves it off with his robotic, and thankfully intact, hand. The tip of his index finger splits and the plates slide down to reveal a small blowtorch-like tool.]

It doesn't matter at the moment, and we lack the facilities at the moment, so I suppose cauterization will have to suffice.

I suppose it will. Do you require any assistan--

[It's at this point that Hal's Sentinel appears from behind a mound of junk, laser charging, and--

Takes a shot at Perceptor. ]

What are you doing?! I cannot take you anywhere can I?
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13th-Aug-2012 11:32 pm - 02 - Video
[ Remember when Prism was talking about how his tech has the intelligence of a dog or a cat? Yeah, that wasn't a joke. They really are that stupid without Prism to direct them, which is a nice little fact to know. Also nice to know is that Prism is nowhere near them now, because they are obviously in Hal's room in Trion's temple. Joy.

So here Hal is on video instead, looking like the world's most fucking annoyed parent while the Gatherer hugs him with it's tentacles. Meanwhile, the Sentinel hovers and gently bops him in the face repeatedly. Both machines are acting for all the world like extremely stupid animals instead of effective drones.

I suppose I'm supervising these now. Wonderful. I suppose this makes someone's job easier.

[ Hint. Hint.

P.S. Prism, you are awful. World's worst boyfriend former co-worker.
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5th-Aug-2012 05:10 am - 01 - Video
[ Surprise, it's a video feed featuring Hal 'Bohmerbot' Nine-Thousand, his null manner, his creepy voice, and his excellent taste in suits. He appears to be leaning against whatever is supporting the comically cybertronian-sized cot in his quarters while he broadcasts. ]

I wouldn't like to inconvenience anyone with my confusion, so allow me to quickly summarize what I believe has occurred. Somehow we have all ended up on this alien planet. It likely has something to do with the large rip in the fabric of space-time over that ever-growing pile of debris under it. There is no way home and we are now subject to the political machinations of whoever is already settled on this planet.

[ He seems to be scrolling around in the Link as he talks. There's no harm in getting as much information as possible, though he doesn't bother with filtered things. No use finding information if you cannot share it, after all. ]

I imagine that there are a few things I can expect, having gone through something similar. Most of the population has some sort of unsettled feelings about a certain issue. There will be one or two large fights as well as an attempted coup, before everyone eventually realizes that such skirmishes are pointless here and settles down. There are also duplicates of individuals from various universes.

Is that right so far?
[ Of course it's right, he's Hal Nine-Thousand and this is unfortunately old hat for him. Also unfortunate is that no one likes a know-it-all. Literally no one.
Then he gets to the most recent post and... um. WELL

Excuse him while he hangs up as fast as he possibly can without seeming startled.

((OOC: I can cut the text whatever threads if it annoys anyone, or is a bother to read. Just drop me a line in a PM or in the subject header.))
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