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[The feed fiddles for a minute after it turns on, until anyone enters the frame. Have a largely red, probably car-related alt-mode Transformer, looking disgruntled. The pirate hat head should probably be a tip-off who this is, if the Gokaiger logo in place of an Autobot sigil on his barely-visible chest isn't.]

Guess I finally got hit by the let's be somethin' else gig. Would've been nice to be somethin' that still fit on my ship.

[A pause.]

Transformin's supposed to feel natural, right?
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24th-Oct-2012 09:26 pm - [Video | Gokai Galleon]
[A video feed starts, but the screen is black]

All right, this is--

[Sound cuts off, and then both that and the video cut back in to a young man in a bright red coat sitting in a chair, one leg crossed over the other at the knee; a bronze mechanical bird is perched on the chair's back. His brows are drawn down in a clear sign of annoyance.]

There. All right, this is Captain Marvelous, from the Pirate Sentai, Gokaiger. I'm kinda foggy on all the details here, but--

[He cuts off when the mechanical bird begins offering suggestions, and after shoving the bird off-screen, he turns back.]

Like I said, a little foggy on the details, but this is your only warning.

[A smile spreads over his face. It's not terribly comforting.]

If you've got treasure, good luck holding onto it.

[More shouting, ostensibly from the bird; the young man makes a series of clearly angry gestures at it before he speaks again.]

Dammit, Bird, I know.

So, my crew might be here! If you've seen 'em--Joe, Ahim, Luka, Gai, and the Doc, they're humans, they're trouble, they'll tell you they're mine if you ask--let me know so I can pick 'em up.

If you're my crew and you're sittin' around watchin' this--I've dropped anchor out behind whatever freakin' temple this is, Megatronus or whatever.

Anyway, onto important questions--there any meat around here?
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