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14th-Dec-2013 09:17 pm - [Video]
Now zhat vas a doozy of a nap! Ahah! Vhat did I miss?

[Says the obnoxiously cheerful personality of the Triple Changer, his smile seeming to have a bit of confusion behind it.]

Seriously, I don't remember anyzhing. Spooky!
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[Blitzwing had been busy.

Waking up in a strange room, to see a strange landscape out his window, and a strange piece of technology sitting nearby. Technology that he quickly dismantles to the best of his ability. Nothing personal, communicator, but when in doubt, take something apart. Nothing productive really comes out of that; the structure and materials is... Cybertronian in matter? But not the kind that he knows.

Next order of business is to put it back together and turn it on. A burst of static, probably from a wire he accidentally crossed. Whoops. But eventually it starts working, good as new, and he starts to dig. There's a lot of interesting footage on here, but he pays the most attention to this strange... thing. With revolving faces and utter nonsense that claims to be him. That won't do at all

Eventually, a mass text is sent out to Haven. Although the contents seem to indicate that he meant for it to be an uploaded report to a specific person rather than being sent to everyone.]

Official Decepticon business, for the eyes of high clearance Decepticon officers only.

Designation: Blitzwing, Decepticon Weapons Engineer/Medic
. Status Report: Unharmed. Woke in an unknown location. Diagnostics and examination reveal no changes, and personal inventory is unchanged: one (1) ice cannon. Additional supply has been found: one (1) unknown electronic device (from here on referred to as a "Communicator").

Examination of "communicator" contents reveal a potential imposter. With permission from Lord Megatron, will track the imposter and dispose of him.

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4th-Sep-2013 10:20 pm - [Video]
...Who is Kagerou? I believe I haff somezhing of zheirs.

[Blitzwing has an optic ridge raised, holding a rather small box in one hand and holding his other hand open, carefully displaying five shuriken sitting in his palm without dropping them.

His face switches out to Hothead, who snorts derisively.]

Alzhough I'm not sure what someone vould do vizh somezhing like zhese anyvay.
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19th-Aug-2013 08:44 pm - [Video/Audio]
[The video starts as a black screen, as something seems to be stepping on the communicator. Voices can be heard; two sound like a mix of confusion and amusement, and the third one is clearly not all that happy.]

It's your fault, honestly. You should watch where you walk if people are testing long range weapons. [The image clears, and Knock Out can be seen putting a knee down on the ground and reaching out to hold what it seems to be... a head. Sentinel’s head, to be exact.] That said, I don’t think this is medically possible.

[There's a quiet, musing hum of thought before a very recognizable, heavily-accented voice comes from off-screen, very clearly belonging to Blitzwing:]

I take it zhese kind of zhings aren't commonplace where you're from? Curious. Cybertronians from our universe haff a tendency to survive far more severe dismemberment than zhis.

[There's a whirring sound, and Blitzwing finally comes on camera, Random grinning down at Sentinel's head.]

Eizha way, it doesn't seem like you haff much of a leg to stand on! Ahahah!

What do you mean "medically possible"?! I don't give a FRAG, how about you two morons get me back to my body and we can... forget this entire thing. I won't even file a complaint to the Police Force about your horrendous misuse of live weaponry.

Or... however it works around here.

[Yeah, that's Sentinel's disembodied head. Luckily (or, perhaps not so) bots from his universe can survive a decapitation, and seeing as the damage his body took from the weapons Knock Out and Blitzwing were 'testing' wasn't enough to take out his spark, they both now have a very angry and humiliated bot - or, well. Part of one - to deal with.]
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28th-Apr-2013 08:30 pm - 3 // Video/Action, Nexic Temple
[Do you hear something? Something suspiciously like a war zone?

Yeah. That's a very, very bored Blitzwing, who has decided that his Triple-Changer abilities are a bit rusty, and has taken it upon himself to practice.

So outside of the Nexic Temple, there's a very strange sight: a tan-and-purple tank doing doughnuts outside of the temple, occasionally firing off its canons, before immediately shifting into a jet and doing a nice loop de loop, kicking on its thrusters as it does.

This little cycle continues for a good minute -- until he shifts back into a tank, and then lets out a big yelp before firing at the ground nearby. Once the smoke clears, he shifts back to his root mode and stares, puzzled, at the little scorch mark where he shot at. You may intercept him after this incident, if you wish.

Otherwise, a very puzzled-looking Blitzwing opens up a video feed not much later.]

I've looked back, und apparently, zhere haff been reports of... ghost. Sightings. [A little twitch of the corner of his mouth.] Zhe only reason I point zhis out is because it certainly is a help to know zhat I'm not simply going crazy.



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10th-Mar-2013 11:40 am - 2 [Action]
[Amidst all of the strange body-changing, there is one resident who seems to have an inability to care.

Hopefully, no one was going to try and get into the Nexic Temple when all of the changing starts, because the entrance is currently being guarded by a giant, three-headed dog.

Although... "guarding" probably isn't the right word for it, since it is lying down with all six of its eyes closed, huffing occasional in a snore. Perhaps anyone with an eye for detail will notice that each head is different, and come to a conclusion as to who this used to be; the one furthest on the right has light, fluffy blue fur with ice clinging to it here and there; the one on the left has short, rough hair, colored a dull violet, and there are red, bony protrusions on its ears and jaw.

The middle-most head is, oddly enough, is rather normal looking, aside from the giant bony ridge protruding on its muzzle, which seems to be constantly grinning. Other than that, it seems almost like an average, black-haired German Shepherd, its tongue occasionally lolling out in its sleep.

Now the main question here is, is it friendly? And do you dare approach to try and find out?]
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[When the network opens up, the video it shows is short and brief. Blitzwing has a very thoughtful and completely scientifically curious expression on his face (specifically, his blue one), not quite looking directly at the feed.]

Interesting. By all circumstances, zhis planet is similar to zhe Cybertron I'm familiar wizh... but also quite different. Vell, zhat takes away any zheory of this being a horrible idea of a prank. [With a pause, he slowly shakes his head and looks directly at the feed.]

I am Blitzwing, und alzhough zhe idea of being [his mouth twitches into a little frown here] forcibly transported here is not somezhigk I appreciate, I cannot deny zhat zhis should pose for some interesting events, to say zhe least. [There's another short pause. And then, almost as an afterthought, he adds:] Also. If Lord Megatron is here, I would like to be informed.

[Might as well get that out of the way now.]
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