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10th-Mar-2013 12:42 am - [Video/Freakout]
[Cheetor is many things, and completely accepting of organics is not one of them. Sure, they're fun to talk to, but you just can't get over the fact that they're squishy balls of flesh. But hey, it's nothing he ever has to worry about, right? Right?

Okay so imagine a usually Cybertronian Cybertronian waking up one day and wondering why his berth suddenly feels so uncomfortable. Now imagine the next moment when Cheetor looks at his hands... and realizes that it's not his hands anymore. Second fastest bot in the Haven he may be, but it takes a moment for his mind to catch up.


[Even making a sound feels weird and unnatural.

Frantically he stands up and wobbles over to his communicator. The longer he does things, the more and more real this nightmare feels. What if it's not a nightmare? By the spark what does he do then?

If this is someone's idea of a joke it's not funny! Someone please tell me this is a dream, or something because I'm ahahaha I'm human!

[He reaches up and tugs at his hair hysterically.]

LOOK AT ME! Th-This... I-I can't.

What happened to me?!?!?!

[Don't mind him, he'll just sit here and verbally freak out.]
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15th-Nov-2012 11:10 pm - [Audio][Encrypted location]
[Things have been a little grim around here lately, how about lighting things up with a few prank phone calls? And if "lighting" means annoying half the planet, then so be it. Kay and Cheetor have this both totally covered, no worries. It's just a little bit of fun after all, who can it hurt? It took Cheetor far longer than he'd like to figure out how to hide their location, now let the fun begin!

Someone is calling you mechs and organics alike, dare you answer?

No one says that either of them are going to be any good at this.
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[Oh hey the camera is rolling, that's interesting! Too bad there's nothing in sight besides a nearby junkpile. A groan can be heard from somewhere and a yellow hand appears on the feed, closely followed by a familiar face as Cheetor does an unexpected faceplant. He feels so... wrong. So weak, he almost can't push himself to his feet.

What happened?

A green eye opens and stares listlessly at his communicator for a moment, as if he can't comprehend what he's seeing. He blinks and suddenly it all comes back to him: Jaguar! His mission! Wait, what happened he can remember...


He died didn't he?



This brings up a whole host of new questions, but first he should, y'know, say something. He manages to push himself up into a sitting position, leaning against a metal column as he tries to figure out what he should say.


I guess I failed my mission. Sorry Ultra Magnus, I'll do better next time.

[He has yet to truly wrap his mind around what just happened to him...]
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18th-Sep-2012 08:47 pm - [Video]
Okay seriously... someone give me the lowdown on organics.

Are they poisonous or not? Someone once told me they could control minds too.

[And spit acid. That someone needs a good kick up the exhaust pipe.]

I don't get why they have to be on Cybertron with us.

[Maybe stick them in a cage somewhere they can't get hurt. Or turn bots into guitars.]

Oh yeah... what's soccer?

[It's been a while and he's forgotten who he was supposed to talk to about that.]
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This is way too cool.

[Who is this guy? From this angle it's possible to see that his shoulders are suspiciously similar to another speedster who happens to already be here. Green optics watch the network eagerly as he seems to be shifting impatiently from foot to foot, as if staying still is a near physical impossibility for him.]

Okay, so we're all from different universes right?

So if I can run faster than all of you, does that mean that I'm the fastest in all the universes? And just so you know, I'm with CPDC (Cybertron Police Defence Command) back home so any lawbreaking will be dealt with immediately! [That felt really awesome, not gonna lie.] This place is kinda snazzy, but my room's kinda plain... does anyone know where I can find cool things to put in there? I don't mean ordinary cool things either, I mean cool cool things.

Hi by the way.

My name's Cheetor.
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