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14th-Feb-2014 08:31 pm - [Video]
[Surprise! Drag Strip isn't happy. She usually isn't, but now she has another reason to be extremely pissed off about. She holds up what seems to be a bright pink card and gives the link her most irritated scowl.]

What the slag is this trash? I swear I'm gonna find the lowlife rusty engine block and shove this so far up their exhaust port that they'll be able t' taste it!

[Why does this make her so angry? Who the hell knows.]

I mean, just look at it!

[She finally reads what's written on it, because she couldn't have done that earlier.]

You are my perfect rose, please be my Valentine

Love: Mega-

[And then she stops. She doesn't entirely understand what's going on, but something tells her that she's just made a mistake somewhere. The link abruptly shuts off. Oh boy.]
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27th-Nov-2013 08:03 pm - [Video]
Hey you! What's your face! You know who you are.

[It would appear that someone has finally recovered from the beating she recently took. She doesn't know Wheeljack's name, so she's resorted to making a public broadcast.]

You're my sparring partner from now on. If you've got a problem with that, then though luck, I don't care.

Next time we fight for real, it'll be your whole head that goes, not just one of your stupid face wings.

[Well aren't you charming.]
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29th-Oct-2013 05:50 pm - [Video]
You really expect me to believe this scrap? That I'm on another Cybertron?

[The fembot seethes as she glares at her communication device. What a time to be randomly and pointlessly kidnapped! Decacycles of humiliation and posturing will go to waste if she doesn't get back to her team.]

Wildrider? Motorhead? Dead End? Heck I'd even take Breakdown. Any of you out there?


Answer me!

[With that the camera suddenly swivels in all directions as she throws her device at the wall with as much force as her stupidly tiny Autobot form can muster.]

Great, now there's a dent in the wall.

[She sounds pissed off about that too.]
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