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[ Hello, Cybertron. Look at your link screen. Now look around you. What's that we have? ]

[ Snow. ]

[ Oh yeah. Snow up all in here. Oh, it's not a blizzard or anything, but it's a steady fall and will soon have the ground covered in a soft, if not thick, blanket of the white stuff. ]

[ Prowl flicks his camera back to himself after he takes in the images of the wintery wonderland that Cybertron is currently becoming and then says:]

Strange. Cybertron is not known for Earth-like weather patterns. Something amiss? [ He was just thinking about it, and... writing about it. Weird. ] Or are we changing Cybertron in ways we do not yet comprehend?
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[ It is very early in the hour; had there been a dawn to record this moment of shadowy light over the hills, it would have been now. But the light he does have, gentle in it's undulations -- the distant Lambda tear is it;s likely source. For those who were on planets with a sun, certainly, it seems all the more alien for it. ]

I have spent my early time here exploring, both the world within and the world without. I am uncertain of this feeling these foreign landscapes engineer.


For a planet that was never mine.


[ He loved Earth, even in its strange organic variety and wonder. Cats feeding on birds, humans being so rich in their organic experience, everything in between. It was such a fascinating planet, so rich with diversity and wonder... It was no small thing to die to keep it intact, truly. ]

[ But what does that make Cybertron? The land where they laid his chassis, certainly, but his spark-- well. His spark longs for the place he truly began to understand, and that place was Earth. ]
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