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3rd-Jan-2014 09:44 pm - [Video]
We need public transportation.

[She says that with a tone of absolute certainty.]

Or, some way to get from one location to another quickly. It's difficult responding to medical emergencies when it takes me half an hour to get anywhere. Any suggestions for this would be extremely helpful.

[Being unable to move as fast as she'd like really annoys me.]

[Private to Shockwave]

Shockwave, may I talk with you for a moment?

[There's no turning back now.]
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25th-Nov-2013 12:33 am - [Video] Important stuff
I still think that mandatory monthly checkups should be implemented within the Haven. While I don't think we would be able to foresee things like the pillar or other such events happening, I know it will help in other matters. If your name starts from anywhere between A-N, then I would appreciate it if you came to the medical bay for a checkup within the next two weeks.

Locked to Medics )

Locked to Pharma )
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2nd-Nov-2013 09:19 pm - [Video]
This is a general announcement saying that if you know anyone who hasn't been acting like themselves to please bring them right to me. I want to examine them and see if I can find out what's wrong.

[She hasn't so far with who she has, but she's definitely up for trying.]

Also I have a weapon I want to modify, are there any weapons experts who are willing to offer their services?

[Locked from Pharma]

What can anyone tell me about the medic named Pharma? I get the impression that he's been here before, but I'd like to know a little more about him.

[Because the impression she gets is not really a good one, so it might be time to let someone explain it to her. Also whatever interest she has in him is inconsequential.]
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19th-Aug-2013 05:47 pm - [Video]
I have a proposal to the Law Committee and my fellow medics.

[Pleasantries are for people who are not her, she decides to get right down to business.]

There are a significant number of citizens within the Haven, and our population is slowly growing. I think it's time to set up some form of health care, in order to insure that everyone is in peak physical condition. To start with, I suggest we have mandatory monthly check-ups for all species. These check-ups will not be invasive nor will they take very long.

[This will also force those who think they're too tough for medical care to have to submit to her medical care. She'll keep you all healthy whether you like it or not.]

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, now is a good time to bring them up.

[Locked to Starscream]

Speaking of which, "Skyfire", I'd like to do a check-up on your wing.

[That's not a request.]
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18th-Jun-2013 07:55 pm - [Video]
[So Red Alert has been busy observing and trying to tinker with her situation. Obviously it's not ideal, and she can definitely thing of a few dozen places she'd rather be, but she's here so she might as well deal with it. No one's seen much of Red Alert since she spends so much of her time squirreled away in Solus' Temple because ugh people.

Well, looks like she's about to change that. Her tone is professional and her gaze is ice cold. This right here is the shining example of a warm and kind-hearted person.

My name is Red Alert, and I am one of the many medics within the Haven. I have an offer for those who are interested in learning, or for those interested in furthering their knowledge in the medical field.

I am willing to teach lessons to those who are willing to learn, Cybertronian, organic, or otherwise. For beginners I will teach basic first aid, like how to treat metal burns, detached limbs, and cuts. If you wish to learn a more intermediate or advanced skill, please talk to me and I will arrange something to suit you. Keep note that I am knowledgeable in most areas of medicine, but my speciality is in surgery.

Teaching can go both ways. If there is any organic doctor in the Haven who is willing to teach me about your medicine, I will appreciate it greatly. I cannot provide adequate medical care if I only know how to treat one of the species that reside here.

That is all, thank you for your time.

[Wow, that was relentless.]
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[Red Alert wakes up on her back and stares blearily at the sky above. Something feels both wrong and familiar, but she can't put a finger on it. Her hand knocks against the communicator, inadvertently turning it on. Part of her notes that it's filming, but she ignores it while she slowly sits up and rubs the side of her face with her good hand.

What's... going on?

Memories tug at her and she experiences another moment of confusion and deja vu. The Haven, the Firstforged... she remembers it. Sort of. Automatically she does a full-system scan, and notes that her navigation and chronological systems were both offline. That was odd... and worrisome.

Finally deciding to devote her attention to the communicator, she leans over and picks it up, pulling herself to her feet while she was at it. She doesn't talk right away, choosing instead to glance around and note that she was definitely not in the Haven. There's a little bit of static, but otherwise she's understandable.

This is [*zssstttttt*] of Cyberton can anyone read me? My location is unknown, but I seem to be outside of the [*sssssssttttt*]. Requesting aid immediately. I repeat, I am Medical Officer Red Alert and I request aid.

If there are any members of Team Athenia around, please respond.
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