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23rd-Sep-2012 10:33 am - VIDEO | Liege's temple
[ So there's a new giant robot, evidently. He has a weird chin thing and a red dot on his forehead and is kinda surprised looking. He has a nice little Autobot symbol on his chest and there's a brief moment where he rubs the glyph on his arm, annoyed that he's wearing another sign of something he's not loyal to. But the Autobot symbol, at least, stays on until he gets confirmation his disguise is no longer necessary.

Then he gets to business.

Longarm Prime, Autobot Intelligence. Is there anyone from Autobot Command that can give me a debriefing? Hm. Though if anyone can tell me more about this Cybertron, I would appreciate it.

[ He pauses, debating. But it's worth a shot. ] There wouldn't happen to be... Decepticon presence here, would there? Megatron? [ Quickly: ] To determine the possible threat level.

Longarm, out.
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