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8th-Jul-2012 08:40 pm - [Video]
[Starscream is crouching, hands out to his sides, claws splayed. He's pretty much covered in fluids; energon and blood and something that glows green. A variety of parts lay scattered around him, mostly limbs ripped from charging enemies. There's a huge grin on his face as he glances down at the screen, wings taut and twitching on his back.]

So much for the mystery of how to kill these things. When in doubt, claw their optics out.

Or... eyes... I suppose. [Something goes squish under his foot.]

Got any harder missions to send me on, Megatronus?
sparkless: (look down smile)
[The video shows Starscream lounging in his quarters at Supreme Buckethead's Megatronus Prime's haven. By the view from his window its readily apparent he's chosen the highest room he could find unoccupied on one of the two towers.]

Alright, let's get this out of the way right now.

Exactly how many worthless copies of me are there? I'm sick of being mixed up with fat versions, skinny versions, blocky versions... its ridiculous.

So. I've devised a brilliant way of distinguishing us all. No more confusion. [No more undeserved punches in the face.]
sparkless: (chilling)
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