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30th-Dec-2012 12:02 am - [Video | The Junk Pile]
You know, I really don't understand how such a treasure trove could be left untouched for so long. Isn't there anyone here who sees the potential in this place?

[The video rolls, showing the smaller, tan and purple con seated on a pile of junk, examining a few things that he'd found with amusement glittering in his purple optics. He tucks it away into subspace before focusing on the camera, a wide, dangerous sort of grin appearing.]

Name's Swindle and it's an absolute pleasure to be here~ I was told something about Firstforged and glyphs and alignments but, honestly, I was far too intrigued by this place to hang around and listen for too long.

[Meaning his swindling senses had tingled and he'd found his way to the junkpile.]

Rumor has it that we're all here to start a new life and all that jazz. Intriguing, it really is. So why hasn't anyone started to proper sort this place and make a shop out of it all? There's a lot of potential here to make all sorts of goodies.

[He picked something else up, eyeing it as his grin melted into a true smirk now.]

Well, it doesn't matter. Now that I'm here, that'll all change.
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25th-Sep-2012 12:22 am - [Video] Locked to Cybertronians
[You ever have the urge to do something you know will probably come back to bite you in the end? Well sometimes they end up being more profitable than anyone bargains for. Swindle's not one to allow himself to limited to morals or factions, heavens no. He makes his messages with a bright cheerful grin and his usual smooth tone.]
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2nd-Sep-2012 08:06 pm - [Video]
Hmm, two things!

First: I think we seem to be missing two other Starscreams! A skinny silver one and a big pink one, has anyone seen them around? It's always a pity when I lose, ah, associates, so it'd be nice to know if they're offlined or not.

[Because their loss has a huge emotional impact on him.

Okay next order of business.

Now, second: I have recently come across some paint and I imagine, with all the projects going on and all, that some of you may be interested in acquiring some? Of course you are, silly question! As it turns out, I have some things I need to find, so how about we help each other out hm? As organics like to say: I scratch your back and you scratch mine?

So whaddya say?
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Well hey there everyone! Since we seem to have a few newcomers recently, I would like to extend a hand of welcome to them, and of course to let them know of the fine services I offer! First off, I should introduce myself! The name's Swindle, and I'm... a merchant, to say the least. Or entrepreneur, whichever works for you~

So! Need a weapon? An upgrade? Or perhaps you need some tools and other precious things that you've lost and would like found? Well, I'm just the person to help you out with that! So what do my services cost? Well, in the absence of an economy we'll have to work that out using the good old-fashioned barter system.

I just thought I should get this out there~ I'm always happy to help Cybertronians and organics in need.

[Lol what are Autobots and Decepticons?

But now to business.
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[So the feed turns on to Swindle, cheerfully waving out at others over the network. Boy does he look as if he's just won a million credits. Considering what he has in store, it might as well be. Everyone's just gonna love this.]

Greetings one and all! Through my last transmission, I happened to have received a lot of requests for gasoline. Now don't let it be said that ol' Swindle here is a bot of empty promises! I have, in my possession, several cans of gasoline that I spent a couple of days pulling out of the junkyard.

This may seem like a lot of effort to put forth for others, but I believe in good customer service. So what do you think?

[Extra emphasis on customer because haha no one's getting this stuff for free.]
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[The feed opens to a cheerful looking Swindle relaxing on a chunk of metal, apparently totally at ease with being transported to another dimension and losing almost everything he owns. Oh yes, it's unfortunate that he's lost all of it, but there's no point in dwelling on it right? Time to move on to new things and adapt to the situation.]

Greetings Autobots, Decepticons alike! The name's Swindle, and I'm here to make you an offer! I am aware that many of you may have lost a weapon or two upon arriving in this marvellous world, and I'm perfectly willing to offer you a replacement weapon... for a price of course. I can also do weapon repairs for anyone who needs them, so I hope I can prove to you my devotion to good customer service in the future.

But this is not just a business call! Since we're all in this together, why don't you tell me a little about yourselves? I love meeting new people, and how often can I say I've met others from a completely different dimension? This goes for you organic types too!

[Besides, it's more beneficial to him to be friendly with everyone than enemies. Now if he had a Megatron to hide behind, things would be totally different.]
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