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[When the video cuts on, Swoop seems to still be in the medbay. Horrible cannon wounds to the stomach and all. More importantly, he is peering at what looks to be a small bolt parading its way up his arm. He chirps at it a couple times before remembering that yes, he did turn on the video for a reason.]

Where bot named Cliffjumper? Me found bottle full of little walking bolts and screws, has his name and picture on it.

Also uhm. Me, Swoop sorry. Couple of them escape.

[Swoop you liar, you opened it on purpose and ten of them got out. Aside from the one on his arm they are all marching in the direction of his gut.]

Them kind of tickle a bit.
prettyfly4adinobot: (Uhm... Why That Happen?)
[Hello network. There is a robot dinosaur broadcasting! For a while he just eyeballs the feed, then transforms into his robot mode, flail slung across one shoulder.]

Bots going missing, bots hurting other bots... no wonder Dinobots stay on island. Other Cybertronians crazy. Still. Me, Swoop, want to help. Am flier; can see more than others. Maybe can find who you missing faster. You want help, let me know.

And... [He shifts to show off the Glyph on his arm. There's a gold outline around the base black of it.] ... me know what black is. Who gold?

Locked FROM Grimlock )
prettyfly4adinobot: (Hold on. Me thinking...)
[The video opens up on wings and the jostling of the camera - the owner is flying. Indoors. Every once in a while the camera jostles into position to show the head of whatever is flying... and anyone familiar with dinosaurs will probably recognize it as a metal pteradon.

Regardless, the glimpses are very short, but a voice cuts in.]

Grimlock? Snarl? Where you?!

Me, Swoop, not care if stuck on Cyber-planet. If you hiding my flock, me find out. You no like what happens after.

[The Acolyte he singed on his way out to the rest of the temple will be able to confirm this.]

If other Dinobots not here, how me get home? Am not just going to leave them, them need me.
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