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[The audio starts up out of the blue, with only a brief pause at the beginning. Even so, every word seems deliberate and carefully chosen.]

Sorry about the timin'a this, but... I've been thinkin' a lot lately. Dangerous habit, I know.

This is the third multidimensional hub I've been in. I've gotten ripped out of dimensions more than I can explain. I've gone backwards in time twice... forwards once. Turned into a human and a cat. Heh, got haiku-powered jet boosters for a while. I rebuilt my own legs from scratch. I've had my processor picked over more times than I'd like. I've lost more friends than I ever wanted to... and made a few more than I've expected. Including a few that were too stubborn to give up on me when they should have. I've seen how how our wars start... and I've seen them end.

And the one ending was enough. Three hubs has been too much, and I'm too old. I know too much that would compromise this Cybertron's chance at having its own future.

I can't stay.

I have a few things to finish up, still, but in a week... I'm leaving. I've heard rumors of a place in the Outlands that could use someone like me, and I've dug out the clues I need to get there.

I'll be contacting a few of you individually; this is what the humans call the Season of Giving, and I have things to give you. Call them parting gifts if you will.

{{Individuals on this list will be getting special presents as listed, though if Barricade is so much as a passing acquaintance of his you can expect a few cubes of high grade left outside your door (or a six-pack of beer if you're human).))
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[Oh look, it's Barricade! But he's looking a lot more like himself. He even has his firelizard perched on his shoulder... who is probably the one that got him his Link back, the dastardly creature.]

Mm. I don't suppose I could convince anyone to come let me out of lock-up by showing off these legs of mine. Could I?

Or this new-slash-old facelift of mine.

Well. Even if it don't, I'd be ever so glad f'r a visitor or ten. Does get awfully boring here.
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[The audio comes on to the low rumble of wheels rolling across the ground, though eventually it stops as the one doing the rolling comes to a halt. There is no transformation noise before the owner of those wheels speaks, now clearly Barricade.]

Have you a reason to halt me?

[Someone else speaks, clearly Knock Out.]

I do, indeed. I've heard that you are the one who helped me with that clinic that has my name. I was thinking we could get to know each other again, have a tête-à-tête or perhaps.... dinner.

[Following that is the sound of crashing metal and snarling indicative of a struggle. Partway through there is a loud roaring, accompanied with ripping, screaming, and finally silence. The audio then cuts out for several minutes.]


((Knock Out is in red, Barricade is in bold.))
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[The initial assessment of the situation hadn't taken long. No guards, a strange place - this wasn't the mine he'd made into his home, not in the least - a small winged lizard creeled at him and then vanished into thin air. His shotgun on a table, with a holster. That was handy. The remnants of a life that apparently just left like the organic sitting strewn about.

Then, there was the communication network. He studied it for a good, long while. Someone here bore a face that was and wasn't his. And they were revolting.

Measures needed to be taken.

The Link transmission opens with a sharp electronic pop, and the voice on the other end is Barricade's, but rougher and colder.]

This is the Lord High Protector. Any Decepticons within transmission range - I require a sitrep on the current location and your status. I also require the last known whereabouts of the imposter Barricade.

I should not have to remind you that you ignore these orders at your own peril. By the Allspark, I shall feed you to the Autobots myself if you fail me.

That is all.

[The transmission cuts out immediately after. Anyone in Solus Prime's temple might catch sight of the 'Lord High Protector' in the halls, though. Barricade, though not with the face he was upgraded to... and without legs, wheeling himself through the halls in a battered chair, now-holstered shotgun slung across the back.]
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[Barricade seems to be in a slightly better mood than the last time he was on-screen. In fact, he looks rather pleased. Like a cat that finally managed to catch their owner's goldfish without being noticed.]

So. 'Bout a month ago, I was diggin' around in the Junk Pile and I found something from my world. Something big.

[He shifts, letting the video shift with him and that... that is a ship. It's got a lot of carbon scoring and bullet scars on it, but other than that, it's not in completely terrible shape. Barricade pats one of the rotating turrets on it.]

Been working on the poor thing as much as I can, and I think I've got her flight-ready finally. I was just wonderin'...

[He grins widely.]

Anyone want t'go on a test flight with me?

Locked to Skids )
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[Barricade is looking... slightly more tired than usual when he starts up the video. He'd been helping to fix the injured as they came in and - when that was done - drove all the way to Vector's quadrant and harassed the Acolytes about where a certain speedster was located. He exvents slowly before he finally speaks.]

Did what I could in the medbay for the injured. If anyone involved in the operation is listening... good work. You did our little society proud.

Now. If anyone needs me, I'll be in Vector's temple.
Someone ought to be here when Blurr wakes up.

[Besides, someone had to put the pieces of him back together. Why not him?]
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9th-Jun-2013 02:12 am - [Video - Solus Temple] New Opening!

[Get out your popcorn, mechs, ladies and gentlemen because you are getting a show to watch. And who’s hosting that? Why yes, your two less favorite medics. Barricade is black, while Knock Out is the red text.]

[Knock Out sports a huge grin and looks pretty darn proud of himself, meanwhile Barricade is leaning against a berth with his arms crossed, a smirk on his face.]

It came to our attention that keeping all your medical resources as well as all your doctors in the same place at the same time is the worse idea anyone ever had since Starscream decided that stiletto heels were trendy.

[Knock Out could recite a long list of bad decisions that Starscream made, but that's neither here nor there.]
We would like you all to be the first to know that the new clinic is currently open.

Don’t worry, we’re still in Solus’s temple – just in a different spot. Now with our facility you’ve got one-stop shoppin’ f’r all your upgrade needs. And if someone happened to pop your arm off and beat you with it, we’d be happy to re-attach it and get those nasty dents out. Even touch up your paint.

Now, time for a virtual visit.

[Knock Out pats the head of the droid holding the camera gently and it starts moving around the clinic for people to see how it looks. Flonne smiels and waves at the camera when it walks past the reception desk.

There's a ridiculous amount of pristine walls and white floors, and the space is big. Way bigger than it was intended to be at first, sorry Solus, Knock Out got a bit trigger happy when it came to knock down a few walls.]
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So, d'I have your approval?

[Barricade is not talking to the camera. He is talking to a small-ish dragon with bronze scales sitting on his desk. Across from the firelizard is a similar dragon made of metal with glowing green optics. The organic and non-organic dragons are both staring at each other, shifting on their feet and twitching their wings. The robotic one eventually takes off into the air, using tiny turbines in its wings to hover for a few moments before landing again.

The organic one turns to look at Barricade after that, squeaking and growling at him. He grins.]

That's what I figured. W-

[He starts looking towards the camera when the robotic firelizard creels metallically at him. He stares for a moment before looking at the feed finally.]

As I was about t'say. I think I've gotten all the kinks worked out with this little fella. He is a mechanical firelizard - non-firebreathing, of course.

I'm hopin' to make more and release them into the wild but I was wondering if anyone might want one for themselves before I start tweaking the programming from 'tame' to 'wild'. The design and mechanics would be the same with each, but with paint t'your liking.

Locked to Solus Prime and Alpha Trion )
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Right, so. I hear we have a dance comin' up, and everybody needs formal wear for it. I also know that fabrics don't stand up well to all of us, f'r various reasons.

[Such as being too pointy, like him!]

So, figured I could I could assist with formal wear in some capacity. Been working on a few designs for hats, and if you'd prefer walking canes, just have t'tell me what design you'd like f'r the handle. Or, let me surprise you~

[He shifts the camera to show a pair of hats - one made of dull grey iron with leather cording, run through brushed steel grommets, the other made of copper, with accents made of bronze and thin iron 'feathers'.]

If you've got some other accessory you're in the mood for, or a different hat, let me know, and I'll see what I c'n do to help you out. These're just a sample, after all. Though if you're looking f'r a hat, I'll uh. Need your head size, since we ain't all exactly the same sizes here.

[One size does not fit all on robots.]

[Encrypted to Solus Prime] )
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9th-Dec-2012 12:16 am - [Audio] - Fourth Offense
I cannot keep doing this...

[The words are muttered, Barricade's voice rough and tired. A pause stretches out after he says it, to the point of being uncomfortable silence and going past that. He is, at least, making an effort to try to compose himself. When he speaks next, his tone is flat and his words are careful like he's letting them sit and stew before saying them.]

I'm leaving the Haven for a while. Don't know how long. There's plenty of medics around, so you wouldn't need me for that anyway.

Try not to destroy any buildings while I'm gone. McCrane works hard enough without you adding to it just because you decided to have a brawl right next to the bar or one of the temples or Police HQ.

I wouldn't suggest following me. I will know if you try.

[He just can't be here right now.]
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I've got good news for you folks living in Solus Prime's temple. I'm not gonna be banging around at all hours anymore.

[The video pops on to show Barricade's newly-finished room minus the clothes, of course, complete with a washrack. And there is Barricade too, looking so proud of himself.]

Now that that's done.

[DOWN TO BUSINESS. This is Barricade's serious face.]

I know we're pretty much rollin' in medics around here, but if any of you need repairs, you c'n comm me. I'm well-versed in most timestream's frame variations and the majority of typical frame types. Even worked on a few triple-changes before. And if you're interested in unusual upgrades, come have a chat with me. We might be able t'work something out.

Also gonna offer my construction skills. Seems like we need a few more builders here, and if you're looking for proof of my skills--

[He waves behind him at his quarters with a flourish.]

Consider this my resume.

Private to (Bayverse)Shockwave )
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[For once, Barricade's video is on. Look at that full-color spikey cop car, backing up from the camera slightly. He's in his quarters, which are looking more finished than they had. Still not entirely complete, of course, but the washrack is done! FINALLY.

But today, Barricade is all-business. Or all-scientist, rather.]

This is Barricade, of TransTech-designated timestream Tyran 707.04 Delta, with test 01 of Unauthorized Upgrade 03.

I woke up yesterday and performed my usual post-recharge scan and found new equipment in my legs. Someone must have gotten hold of my designs for an upgrade to my legs that I never implimented while rebuilding them.

They have proven nonresponsive to normal activation methods but. I believe I have it figured out now.

Attempt One.

[He exvents, the sound chuffing out from the underside of his grill and... he speaks.]

Seagulls at Kmart
Are they keen bargain shoppers
or lost in the flock

[A set of thrusters rotate out of his calves, activating. He hovers about three feet above the ground for a bit... until the thrusters open up completely and he shoots straight out of shot.]



[There's a sound like thrusters shutting off... and a scream before he plummets back into shot, landing in a heap. Barricade groans.]

Conclusion: If I was meant to fly, I would have been originally formatted with wings.
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I'm out of contact f'r a couple days and everything goes crazy. Y'all are really trying to make me feel at home aren't you, darlings?

[Barricade sounds tired, but amused. He's been in and out of the medbay keeping an optic on Ratchet and tweaking the upgrade plans for the prototype that kind of... exploded at said medic, and in between that has been trying to finish the renovations to his quarters in Solus Prime's temple.

Busy bot has been busy.]

So we've got a police force coming up, and a mercenary guild forming, huh? Well, I frankly ain't seen any law system work out - and I certainly ain't joining any of you, no offense - but I will say this.

I've been told that here we're more or less at peace among one another. Means we don't need warriors.

We need cops.

And if there are outside aggressors, we don't need warriors either. We need soldiers, because the whole Spec Ops suicide runs? Don't end well. For anyone. Ever.

That's all.

Encrypted to Knock Out )
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[There’s a low, frustrated sigh and for a long moment, that’s all there is. Then, someone starts speaking.]

So. I’m dragged to some other Cybertron, go through hours of paperwork, and get dumped on the street. Then I drop off the face of that Cybertron onto a space station in the middle of nowhere and get dumped in a pile of junk that I have to crawl out of.

Now I drop off the face of the station and wind up here with someone in a hood telling me I’m on Cybertron. Again. Not even the same Cybertron, some other Cybertron.

I was in the middle of something! Very important things! [Bartending and best friend things!]
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