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13th-Jul-2013 07:41 pm - [video]
[The first image you see of Jetfire is him waving his cane angrily at a bunch of acolytes.]

Don't you talk t'me about 'alternate universes'! I know 'em all! This isn't Cybertron! This is a joke! [He angrily stabs the ground with his cane. An acolyte approaches, but he quickly swats it away.] I'll not speakin' t'no drones! Where's your leader? [He aggressively pokes one of the acolytes in the face with his cane] Do ya even understand a word I'm even sayin'? Is anything gettin' through that one-bit processor o' yours? [Jetfire gets in the poor drone's face] Take - me - to - your - leader!

[Another drone attempts to pull Jetfire aside, but he whips back an arm and backhands the acolyte, knocking it to the ground. He turns and starts wailing on the little 'bot with his cane.] Tryin' t'sneak up on me, are you? Have you any idea who I am? My name's in history books! I was one of the first Seekers forged on Cybertron! The Mighty Jetfire! [He gives one last swift konk upside the drone's head, knocking the poor thing out.]

[And for a minute or so there's a bunch of old man complaining and muttering as he scuffles with the remaining acolytes. It's a blur of color and the communication link falls over, showing a lovely image of the dirt. The noises stop, and heavy footfalls shake the device; a second later, thick black claws pick up the communicator and hold it up, until Jetfire's old face is about pressed to the lens.] I'll not be havin' some half-arsed fairy-tale from the drones. Who's in charge here!? [And, oh lovely, black fuel-spittle sprays across the screen.] I'll take on all yer little pansy toys until you show yourself, "forgedfirsts"!

[Yeah, it was obvious Jetfire hadn't been totally listening. What he did catch he didn't understand. He's old, give him a break.]
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