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14th-Nov-2013 11:21 pm - [Audio]

Please forget you ever saw me like that.

and if you didn't--good.

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23rd-Aug-2013 10:55 pm - [Audio]
 [It was gone.

It was a quick glance at first, but a quick glance turned into a thorough search.  Going through it back and forth. Mirage didn't have all the time in the world, but he needed that last bit of reassurance before he met up with Sideswipe. And it wasn't there.]

Rung's name is no longer on the Link's roster.

[This was not how this was supposed to go...]

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2nd-Apr-2013 02:16 am - [Video]
 [It's the dead of night, Mirage. Why aren't you asleep?

Well, to be honest, sleep hasn't come easy for the bot in quite some time. And with Sideswipe now rooming with him, he's found himself lying and staring up at the ceiling more often than not.  It...wasn't a happy time, to say the least.  

He's..had a couple things on his mind, too.

Leaving a note for the silver bot, he exits the Vectorian temple to get some air...and maybe some space. He didn't want Sideswipe hearing part of what he was about to broadcast.]

...Does anyone have ideas on how to fall asleep? I cannot seem to rest my optics tonight.

[Or other nights, but he'd rather not worry anyone. Unfortunately, Mirage's fatigue is slightly showing.]

Locked to Vector Prime )

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11th-Mar-2013 12:07 am - [Accidental Video]
 [You know, Mirage could go on about what breathing is like and how surprising it is...(no really, it shocked him too), but he had more important things to notice about waking up in a smaller body. Like the incredible irony that this is his SECOND TIME. Granted, he was only 'shrunk' the first time, but size difference is a size difference is a size difference.  Thankfully, he changed while he was in his room, and...yep, everything was considerably larger.  Is this what humans have to experience on a daily basis? 

How inconvenient.

The feed clicks on to show a man...quite disgruntled about the current situation.]

Mio dio...would it kill someone to make me something LARGER than I am if they are going to shapeshift me?

[Anyone who knows Mirage will recognize that stupid Italian accent. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the Link is on.]

Just what I need. This place to malfunction again.

[He's blaming Trion.]

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 I do not suppose anyone would be willing to assist me in the Vectorian Sector. As joyful as it is to take on these creatures, humans say 'groups make it more fun'

[Also he has no guns. Anyone with blaster fire would most DEFINITELY be appreciated. Blades can only do so much.]

No pressure.

Locked to Barricade )

Locked to Bay!Shockwave )

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9th-Oct-2012 01:55 pm - [Action/Accidental Video]
 [Mirage had searched all over.  Every corner of the haven had been inspected, some possibly even twice.  Megatronus's temple, while he felt awkward being there, was empty, and so was Ironhide's room.  It was like he...vanished.  And Mirage feared that.

He'd already lost Ironhide once...

But it was time to face reality.  The old bot was gone, and now it was just Mirage and Ratchet.  And if that meant stepping up to the plate, then so be it.  But first things first. 

He wandered out to a rather vacant part of the Haven, and the feed clicks on to show him arranging debris in the most attractive way possible.  It wasn't the BEST job he could have done, but for what he had to work with, it was pretty impressive.  They were nothing more than large metal slabs, strong enough not to be moved, and smooth to the touch. He'd worked hard trying to find something sleek enough, and with a few edits of intricate design, they formed slight monuments, one larger than the other, and sat them side by side. Then, with a gold tipped finger, he ran it along the smooth metal front, etching Cybertronian lettering into them, the large first, and then the smaller one.

Ironhide.  Que.

Back home he didn't have enough time to grant a proper funeral for either...but here, where the calm of the storm was endless, he could.  He sat down facing them, as if he were sitting across from the bots themselves, with his arms on his knees, wings drooped down.  Maybe he should have done Bumblebee and Sideswipe too...but he'd rather get concrete proof.

He couldn't give up on them. Not yet.]
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 [UGH. That is not the audio function. Stupid new body.

Have you ever seen an angry Italian Ferrari robot? Well if you have, you probably haven't seen them in six-inch form.  The Link opens up to show Mirage, and it's obvious to see that something about him has changed. Compared to everything else around him he seems...more petite. Not that it stops him. The bot is rather stubborn, and is making his way around Vector Prime's temple (at a snail's pace, mind you), hoping he could just voice-talk his way through this problem, get it solved and move on with his life.

However, luck is not on this guy's side today, so congrats everyone! You're looking at bitty!Mirage! And...he's not too happy, rattling off curse words in both Italian AND Cybertronian. That's not good language, mister )8<

On the front of his chestplate is the Cybertronian glyph for "Mirage".  An...odd aesthetic.]

Dio mio...This is embarrassing...

[If Shockwave or Barricade see this--]

Ironhide. Anyone. I require some assistance.
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[This wasn't Chicago. The humans had...interesting architecture, but not something this eclectic even came from the 'modern art' that they seemed to love so much. While the alcolytes had done their job in explaining the situation, Mirage's mind was far too busy processing everything else. He was taken from a rather...high tension moment, as in...minutes before his execution, and was nonetheless worried about his comrades.

He's quick to turn his communication device on, attempting to at least stay CIVIL even though he's pretty much churning with anger on the inside..]

Ah...buongiorno.  It seems I have been transported to Cybertron. I will question as to why it is not a lifeless husk later.  For now, I am looking for any of my comrades.

Bumblebee. Sideswipe. Do you copy?

...Human Lennox?

[His tone is rather even, his deep voice trailing off after every other sentence. He's expecting a snarky reply from Sideswipe at any second now.

Any second now.]

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