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[Dinobot felt in a philosophic mood. So much had transpired from the moment of his death. He was certain this was not the Pit or any afterlife. What afterlife would allow fleshlings? The Maximal had so much to question. If he had already saved history...why do the task of bringing him back again? Why at this point in time?

He decided the best method would be to reach out to the others, to see just what exactly these so-called Primes had brought to this world. Maybe then he could understand their vision...]

Is history a tale told by a fool, or something more? If fate does not write our history, does it matter who does the writing? Must free will be the absence of fate or must it be its tool?

That which I decide be mine or merely the shade of another's work? Does this story's beginning simply involve our resolution?

Oh that this too too solid metal would melt...
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