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29th-Nov-2012 01:05 am - [Action/Video: Megatronic Temple]
[If anyone happens to be in the right place at the right time somewhere in temple of Megatronus, at the time, there does exist a slight chance of running into a purple Cybertronian muttering to himself. He may or may not be as insane as that would imply.]

Well, this is quite the interesting development. Yes. The very dawn of Cybertron itself, simply waiting for history to be once again conveniently modified? Very carefully, of course...

I must say, it does all sound far too convenient.

[And now for a serious and not remotely suspicious sounding video broadcast. Someone paid close attention during orientation, yes, but didn't get something answered.]

Ahem. Greetings. Presuming that anyone is paying attention to this channel, I have a question. Yes. Exactly how populated would this "new" Cybertron be? Surely I cannot be the only one "accidentally" brought here. No.

[That'd be just too easy. And such things are never made easy.]
yeeeeees: (sideatron)
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