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[Y'know what sucks? Being in jail. Not because he got caught, but because it's pretty downright boring. What's he expected to do, sit here forever and rot? It's the boredom, of all things, that make him wish that he had been just a little bit more thorough with his killing.

His chance to find himself a little entertainment came when he swiped a communicator from some kid who came down to check him out. Hah, little idiot. But now he gets to heckle the link before someone gets the sense to come in and take it away!

Well howdy folks! These here prisons sure don't got much in the way of entertainment.

Kinda stupid to let them kids near the prisoners, but heh it's plenty fine by me!

Hee hee, hey Round-eyes, ya 'round?
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4th-Apr-2013 02:56 am - [Video]
I keep runnin' into them cats and they always get away! Maybe I'll catch one one of these days.

So, do any of ya ever feel like killin' something just because?

[Bored minion is real bored.]

I'm tired of sittin' around on my claws and doin' nothin'! Maybe one of y'all can gimme somethin' to do. Hopefully somethin' involving explosions and violence and maybe a little maiming. My old bossbot said I was good at the second one.

[Basically: Mindless minion in search of work. First come first serve, Quickstrike doesn't care.]
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24th-Dec-2012 04:53 pm - [Video]
[Locked from Blackarachnia but lol she probably could hack this anyway]

Howdy y'all!

Let's say you wanna get a present for a certain ladybot, this being Christmas and all.

What sorta things do ladybots like?

Also I've been itchin' to do some killin', but the Firsties say we can't kill no more. Hows about we go out into th' badlands and slag us some monsters! I can't be the only one here who's wantin' a fight for no good reason. So who's with me?

[It'll be like a Christmas present to themselves.]
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7th-Nov-2012 10:12 pm - [Video]
So I wake up in some room that ain't my own, and have some no-good, tin-faced mooks try to tell me things. Now I don' care what they say, sounds like to me that someone is a lookin' for a fight! And boy did they get one.

[Whoa, who is this cowboy? Someone should tell him to calm down, there has to be a limit to the amount of intensity one can put in their words after all.]

You don't kidnap a Predacon and expect to get away scot-free now do ya?!

Y'all better tell me where Bossbot is! Or else I guess I'll be havin' me some more keisters to kick! Y'all better tell me where I am too, and no lies!

[He bounces eagerly from foot to foot, almost desperate to find himself a nice good fight. When you're unsure about things, you shoot em right? When you ain't got nothin' to shoot, you find somethin' to shoot.]
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